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Kay Celine

Client: Kay Celine


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Case Summary: This feminine fashion boutique for women provides accessibility and style for women of all ages and careers. Our SEO and PPC teams worked hard to improve site traffic. After only one month, 44.76% of all the site’s traffic came from paid searches.

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Challenge Icon Challenge

Kay Celine wanted a website that would be user-friendly and produce revenue. They placed their trust in Coalition to not only build their website, but later to run SEO and PPC campaigns for them to drive more traffic to their site.

Solution Icon Solution

This fashion designer first contacted Coalition to design and build a website that would display their collection and allow women to purchase directly from their website. They were so pleased with our initial work that they then hired us to complete SEO work and launch a PPC campaign. Coalition was more than happy to continue our effort to help this fashion brand reach their goals.

Result Icon Result

After just two months of running the PPC campaign, social media traffic improved 125.00%. Organic search drove 20.92% of the site’s total traffic, while paid search ads generated 44.76% of total site sessions. Coalition continues to work to increase these numbers even more. Our SEO and PPC work combined led to terrific results for Kay Celine.

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