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Keystone Funding

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Case Summary: This residential mortgage company provides services to Delaware and surrounding states. Their motto of “transparency, service, and trust” has earned them many distinctions in the finance world. They came to Coalition for SEO work and were so happy with our results ended up signing a retainer with us. In just a few months, we increased their new site traffic 62.93%.

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Challenge Icon Challenge

This residential mortgage company approached Coalition looking for SEO services. They held a good reputation in the communities they served, but were looking to gain more attention and more business. They loved working with us so much that they signed a retainer with us. We continued to make improvements to their site that would boost their results.

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Some of the improvements we made include creating a keyword sitemap, fixing headers and tags, optimizing homepage copy, working to gain inclusion on guest blogs, and creating multiple local search listings. Our dedicated team continued to optimize their site over the course of a few months to achieve results.

Result Icon Result

Over the course of few months of SEO improvements to Keystone Funding’s site, we generated 62.93% new organic site visits. We increased pages visited from 1.37 to 3.64 pages per visit. In addition, total visits were up to 1,764 from a monthly average of 347.

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