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Kids Only Furniture

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Case Summary: Kevin runs the top children’s furniture store in Los Angeles. He specialized in wooden pieces that invoke the good old days. He came to Coalition because he knew he had some problems on his site, and that he needed experts to help him out. Read on to find out how we increased new users to his site by 64.64%.

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Challenge Icon Challenge

Kevin made it clear to us that his top priorities for SEO were to improve his site’s load speed and navigational problems. He was initially nervous about spending the money to do SEO, but was very pleased with our results. Not only did we fix those priority issues, we worked on optimizing his whole site to bring him the customer leads he wanted.

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We began with Kevin’s top priority – the load speed. We increased his homepage load speed from 8/100 to 55/100 in one month by optimizing images and making changes to Javascript. We also took care of his other priority – user experience and navigation. We added a live chat feature, optimized his site footer, built a working contact page, and more.

Result Icon Result

With our consistent work, Kids Only Furniture’s numbers grew steadily. By the fifth month of SEO work, the site’s traffic was up 55.27%. New users had increased by 64.64%. In addition, the site was generating 33.33% more leads for Kevin through the contact forms we had built for him.

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