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Koyal Wholesale

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Case Summary: Koyal Wholesale is an industry expert in the wedding and event planning supply space. They came to Coalition Technologies looking to refine and streamline their email marketing efforts as well as to continue building and optimizing their retention automations.

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Challenge Icon Challenge

Koyal Wholesale has built up an extremely engaged audience prior to working with Coalition Technologies. With an open rate well above 30%, we knew we had our work cut out for us. Despite their impressive metrics, we knew there was still room for Koyal Wholesale to grow. The challenge lay in identifying components of their email efforts we could improve upon immediately and would yield a positive ROI. We landed on design.

Solution Icon Solution

Prior to our team taking over, Koyal Wholesale was utilizing a minimal design to display their product launches and promotions. We quickly recognized an opportunity here. Our team identified Koyal Wholesale’s best-selling product categories and featured them in both the top navigation menu and bottom content block to increase the likelihood of our subscribers browsing high-converting products. But we didn’t stop there! We knew we could increase the click-through-rate of Koyal Wholesale’s email marketing if we pushed their calls-to-action above the fold as well as increase the number of CTAs within the mail.

Result Icon Result

By focusing on conversion rate optimization, we were able to maintain Koyal’s high open rates while improving upon their average click-through-rate. Sporting an average click-through-rate of 2.68% prior to working with us, Koyal Wholesale saw their average jump to 4.28% after Coalition Technologies optimizations. That’s an increase of 62.6% in average click-through-rate. Their email revenue has seen a 277% increase with unique clicks up 323%. With us, their quarterly revenue saw an increase of 178% for a total of $394k in those 3 months.

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