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L.A. Design Concepts

Client: L.A. Design Concepts


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Case Summary: This interior design firm is known for its “trade only” home furnishings. After being in the business for 30 years, they wanted to increase their rankings for major keywords and reach more customers based on specific products. They turned to Coalition’s expert SEO team. We were able to get 33 of their priority keyword listings to the top page of results.

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Challenge Icon Challenge

This home furnishings store provides custom home designs to their customers. They wanted to reach more customers by targeting specific products through keywords. They had a list of about 50 keywords they wanted to see rank on the top page of search results. Coalition was able to deliver.

Solution Icon Solution

Through our extensive SEO process, we optimized and rewrote numerous blog entries, acquired over 30 reputable external links, built up social media connections, and optimized copy. We also completed extensive keyword research for the terms provided to us and made sure L.A. Design Concepts ranked on as many as possible.

Result Icon Result

While our SEO efforts were ongoing, L.A. Design Concepts saw a 53.43% increase in paid traffic and a 67.84% increase in organic traffic. We also achieved the #1 ranking for 2 of the 3 top keywords given to us by the client and moved 33 of the identified keywords to the first page of results.

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