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Case Summary: This women’s hair extension retailer gives its customers variety, quality, and confidence. After a year on their own, they wanted help developing their ecommerce presence. With us, they saw 166% more organic traffic and a 815% increase in total traffic in a year’s time.

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Challenge Icon Challenge

After moving from a direct sales model to an ecommerce business, LumiBloom decided they needed to bring in the experts to achieve their goals. They were looking to develop branded content and start to see sales climb, so they signed up for SEO, PPC, and Email Marketing services with us.

Solution Icon Solution

Some of the tasks we have completed so far include writing branded copy that appeals to their audience, removing instances of duplicate copy, and fixing multiple error codes. We also completed a full site audit and are working on tasks aimed at improving customer experience on the site.

Result Icon Result

In comparison to last year, the site is receiving 166.36% more organic sessions. Overall, there was a 815.44% increase in traffic to the site this year and new users improved by 1,065.02%.

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