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Magento Web Design & Development Company

Working with Magento can be the best business decision you’ve ever made, or the worst. It all comes down to the quality of your development and marketing team.

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Coalition always delivers new levels of success because we offer the most comprehensive design, development, and marketing solutions available in the Magento Partner program. By seamlessly addressing each of these foundational elements from day 1, we consistently deliver better return on investment with our design, SEO, and social media management.

Other partners don’t have the ability to fully address each of these skill sets because they just aren’t big enough. Our team of nearly 30 designers, marketing gurus, and project managers each excel in their own special field. Our cohesive design and market approach allows our graphic artists to communicate with the leading SEO minds in the country.

It allows certified programming geniuses to spin their chair around and find out what’s best practice for Facebook or Pinterest integration from our social team. When you choose Magento, you’re choosing a powerful weapon in your arsenal, and Coalition knows how to handle that weapon.

  • Design

    Magento website design is all about understanding how to take a conversion optimized user experience and adding the right amount of unique brand personality to make your ecommerce store a reflection of your company. Our graphic designers understand your need to sell while maintaining brand integrity.

  • Development

    Magento web development has been compared to building a Frankenstein monster. Many web development teams don’t understand how to take the Magento Enterprise or Community core and seamlessly integrate new plug ins or custom features. Our certified development team continues to to advance the bar for other Magento web design teams to reach for.

  • Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

    Considered the gateway to the internet, the search engines today are either your best friend or your worst enemy. Coalition’s marketing team is built around a cutting edge approach to SEO and wields a number of custom developed analytics tools. Not many certified Magento partners are also certified Google marketing companies.

  • Social Media

    The importance of social media in your ecommerce marketing campaign grows by leaps every day. Coalition’s social media marketing not only addresses the popular social media platforms of today (like Facebook, Pinterest, Twitter, and Google Plus), but is also examining next generation outlets that can be capitalized on for your marketplace.

  • Joel- Green-min (1)
    Joel- Green-min (1)
    Joel R. Gross
    Coalition Technologies CEO
  • Aman-Green-min
    Amandeep Singh
    Web Development Manager
  • ashok-green-min
    Ashok Patidar
    PPC Lead
  • ben-bordofsky-min
    Benjamin Bordofsky
    Web Dev DP Lead
  • bryan-junus-green-min
    Bryan Junus
    Accounting Lead
  • chris-keipert-green-min
    Chris Keipert
    SEO Reporting Lead
  • Christain-Green-min
    Christian Hilario
    SEO Analyst Manager
  • Igor-Green-min
    Igor Kholkin
    SEO Consultant
  • ivona-green-min
    Ivona Kadic
    Recruiting Lead
  • jason-lee-min
    Jason Lee
    Copy Lead
  • Jordan-Green-min
    Jordan M. Brannon
    Digital Strategy Manager
  • kevin-kuhn-min
    Kevin Kuhn
    RomyLMS CEO
  • mike-georgeff-min
    Mike Georgeff
    Laravel Developer
  • Rebecca-Green-min
    Rebecca Fairbanks
    Digital Producer Lead
  • alfonso-flores-min
    Alfonso Flores
    Recruiting Assistant
  • amos-wu-min
    Amos Wu
    PPC Intern
  • andrej-green-min
    Andrej Sarevski
    SEO Analyst Lead
  • Atinder-Green-min
    Atinder Singh
    SEO Analyst Lead
  • bridget-green-min
    Bridget Beehler
    SEO Reporting Analyst
  • brittney-lorenzo-min
    Brittney Lorenzo
    DP Trainee
  • bryan-tongbaban-min
    Bryan Tongbaban
    Recruiting Trainee
  • carl-clark-min
    Carl Clark
    Digital Strategist
  • carrie-dasilva-min
    Carrie DaSilva
    DP Trainee
  • charline-touchard-min
    Charline Touchard
    DP Assistant Lead
  • colin-fox-min
    Colin Fox
    DP Trainee
  • constante-quirino-min
    Constante Quirino
    Copy Strategist
  • Czarina-Green-min (1)
    Czarina-Green-min (1)
    Czarina Ferrer
    Digital Strategy Assistant
  • david-olson-min
    David Olson
    Copy Strategist
  • gabrielle-green-min
    Gabrielle Pitre
    Recruiting Assistant
  • ian-mangubat-min
    Ian Mangubat
    Sr. Designer
  • jennelyn-tipones-min
    Jennelyn Tipones
    SEO Analyst Trainee
  • juan-florez-min
    Juan Florez
    Back End Developer
  • julio-green-min
    Julio Cavalcanti
    Sr. Front End Developer
  • Karan-Green-min
    Karanbeer Singh
    Sr. SEO Developer
  • krista-green-min
    Krista Bornman
    Web Digital Producer
  • lahela-dolese-min
    Lahela Dolese
    DP Trainee
  • larry-weideman-min
    Larry Weideman
    DP Trainee
  • mallory-b-min
    Mallory Burke
    DP Trainee
  • neal-johnson-min
    Neal Johnson
    DP Trainee
  • nehemiah-green-min
    Nehemiah Eepuri
    SEO Reporting Assistant
  • sarvesh-kumrawat-min
    Sarvesh Kumrawat
    PPC Analyst
  • staav-goldreich-min
    Staav Goldreich
    Assistant Copy Strategist
  • sudhir-tatikonda-min
    Sudhir Tatikonda
    QA Assistant / Development Trainee
  • Vishal-Green-min
    Vishal Arora
    Sr. Front End Developer
  • anna-acuna-min
    Anna Acuna
  • chetan-khandeshwar-min
    Chetan Khandeshwar
    SEO Analyst
  • Divya-Green-min
    Divya Sodhi
    Front End Developer
  • eric-villareal-min
    Eric Villareal
    Front End Developer
  • kelly-badon-min
    Kelly Badon
  • milan-bukejlovic-min
    Milan Bukejlovic
    SEO Analyst
  • nathaniel-gepuela-min
    Nathaniel Gepuela
    SEO Analyst
  • Rohit-Green-min
    Rohit Bhargava
    SEO Analyst
  • talha-green-min
    Talha Ashraf
    SEO Developer
  • tibor-balogh-min
    Tibor Balogh
    Front End Developer
  • umair-khalil-min
    Umair Khalil
    Front End Developer
  • vaughn-torralba-min
    Vaughn Torralba
    SEO Analyst Trainee

Our digital agency delivers hand-crafted websites and marketing.

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Why Us?

Most web designers build the site and let go of your hand afterwards. Its up to you to figure out how to market it, how to get users to it, and how to get them to buy. Not us. All through your development with Coalition we provided expert consulting on what we’re doing, what you should be doing, and how to immediately generate valuable traction for your site on launch.A website design should not be a stand alone piece in an online marketing strategy. It should be a pivotal core and a finally tuned engine that generates significant gains for you and your business goals.

Because we build with a focus on SEO, on keyword research, on social media marketing, on blog promotion, and more, you’re never without a clear path to pursue. And never short on business.

But we’re not just blindly pushing Magento. We’ve chosen to partner with them because we’ve thoroughly tested the major shopping cart platforms and ecommerce site options. BigCommerce, Shopify, Volusion, OSCommerce, ZenCart, and more are all developments we’ve used and are familiar with.

Our team is skilled at handling each of these, but we find that Magento is one of the best values in shopping cart software available. With their support and core features weighed in, they’re a hard company to beat. We believe that so much, we operate our own online ecommerce store with them!

We can answer your questions about whether or not Magento is right for you, walk you through the process of designing, developing, and then marketing the site on launch.

Give us a call at (310) 827-3890 and talk to one of our expert team members. We have offices based in Los Angeles and the Seattle area to assist those of you looking for a local connection. Coalition has worked with companies from as far away as Belgium and Zimbabwe too, so no worries if we don’t get to see your smiling face.

Questions? Need a Quote? Call us today! (310) 827-3890

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