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Manley’s Boiler

Client: Manley’s Boiler


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Case Summary: This industrial boiler company provides a full range of services including leasing, renting, and installing boilers. They came to Coalition not only for our outstanding design work, but our SEO expertise as well. After only three months, their site traffic was up 58.85% with a conversion rate of 50%.

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Challenge Icon Challenge

Being in the boiler business since 1948, Manley’s Boiler had perfected their craft. Although they knew their industry, they needed some help breaking into the digital market. They turned to Coalition, looking to increase traffic on their site and generate more service requests.

Solution Icon Solution

Coalition began work by migrating their old site to their new domain, redesigning graphics and images. We then began the SEO process of optimizing copy, adding a blog, pursuing reliable links, updating their content button, making images clickable, and so much more. We also performed extensive keyword testing and added optimized copy to pages with thin content.

Result Icon Result

Within three months of beginning the SEO campaign, organic sessions increased by 43.97% with a 44.83% increase in new users. All traffic also had significant increases with a 58.85% increase in sessions and a 59.23% increase in new users visiting the site. We also reached a 50% conversion rate by the third month, which was their number one goal!

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