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Medisys Health Network

Client: Medisys Health Network


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Case Summary: These two community hospitals (Jamaica and Flushing) are known for their high-quality patient-centered care. After just six months, organic traffic is up 14% month over month. Organic new users have also increased by 15% from month to month.

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Challenge Icon Challenge

Medisys Health Network came to us looking for help driving more traffic to their site. Their goals include increasing their volume by 10% and appearing on the top of search engine results.

Solution Icon Solution

To meet their goals, we have written optimized copy for both sites, improved page load speed, and added breadcrumbs to the mobile site. We also dealt with GSC issues for both sites and fixed issues when the Flushing website was down to ensure it was back up as soon as possible.

Result Icon Result

Six months after beginning our campaign, organic sessions improved 14% month over month and organic new users increased 15%. Overall, the site is receiving 10% more sessions month over month. Overall new users experienced even greater improvement, increasing 11%.

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