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What is Search Engine Optimization?

Search Engine Optimization, or SEO, can be used to define a number of marketing strategies whose end result is meant to increase a website’s ranking in search engine results pages (SERP). While there are many methods that can be used to increase your rankings, not all of them are beneficial for every business.

Coalition Technologies has an expert team that’s experienced in using all SEO strategies, including link building, copy, PPC, press coverage, website design, and keyword optimization. To get the best results on the SERPs, we use a tailored approach that will increase your search engine ranking, site traffic, and revenue.

Beyond these leading Miami SEO tactics, our team is full of innovators that are constantly developing and implementing new ways to ensure your business is at the forefront of the market. Coalition Technologies is a leader in SEO and defines the best practices of our industry.

  • Search Engine Optimization


    Search Engine Optimization

  • Higher Page Rankings

    Higher Page Rankings

    On Search Engines like Google

  • Increased Traffic

    Increased Traffic

    To your website

  • Increased ROI

    Increased ROI

    Return On Investment

SEO: The New Normal in Miami

Traditionally, most businesses used billboards and TV advertisements to garner the majority of their sales, but when the Internet became a widely used resource, they had to change their tactics. Today’s businesses know that SEO is the ultimate marketing solution—a revolution in the way we do business.

With information flooding in from every part of the globe, the Internet is the new marketplace. Consumers use it to find emerging businesses, follow their favorite companies, and comparison shop for the best products. While the Internet makes it easier for some to find everything they need, it also leads to data overload, trapping many consumers in a chaotic world of too much information. They’re not sure which businesses are the most reliable and best suited to their needs.

To connect lost consumers with services and products they’re looking for, Coalition Technologies uses our knowledge of SEO tactics to bring your business to them. We build trust through engagement with consumers and encourage conversions and sales for your business.

There are thousands of people searching for your product who are ready to buy! Let us bring them to your door with the power of SEO.

We Are Coalition Technologies

Coalition Technologies is a team of talented, global individuals. We have several full-time offices and team members on four different continents. We’re on the clock all the time to ensure your business thrives.

  • Joel- Green-min (1)
    Joel- Green-min (1)
    Joel R. Gross
    Coalition Technologies CEO
  • Aman-Green-min
    Amandeep Singh
    Web Development Manager
  • ashok-green-min
    Ashok Patidar
    PPC Lead
  • ben-bordofsky-min
    Benjamin Bordofsky
    Web Dev DP Lead
  • bryan-junus-green-min
    Bryan Junus
    Accounting Lead
  • chris-keipert-green-min
    Chris Keipert
    SEO Reporting Lead
  • Christain-Green-min
    Christian Hilario
    SEO Analyst Manager
  • Igor-Green-min
    Igor Kholkin
    SEO Consultant
  • ivona-green-min
    Ivona Kadic
    Recruiting Lead
  • jason-lee-min
    Jason Lee
    Copy Lead
  • Jordan-Green-min
    Jordan M. Brannon
    Digital Strategy Manager
  • kevin-kuhn-min
    Kevin Kuhn
    RomyLMS CEO
  • mike-georgeff-min
    Mike Georgeff
    Laravel Developer
  • Rebecca-Green-min
    Rebecca Fairbanks
    Digital Producer Lead
  • alfonso-flores-min
    Alfonso Flores
    Recruiting Assistant
  • amos-wu-min
    Amos Wu
    PPC Intern
  • andrej-green-min
    Andrej Sarevski
    SEO Analyst Lead
  • Atinder-Green-min
    Atinder Singh
    SEO Analyst Lead
  • bridget-green-min
    Bridget Beehler
    SEO Reporting Analyst
  • brittney-lorenzo-min
    Brittney Lorenzo
    DP Trainee
  • bryan-tongbaban-min
    Bryan Tongbaban
    Recruiting Trainee
  • carl-clark-min
    Carl Clark
    Digital Strategist
  • carrie-dasilva-min
    Carrie DaSilva
    DP Trainee
  • charline-touchard-min
    Charline Touchard
    DP Assistant Lead
  • colin-fox-min
    Colin Fox
    DP Trainee
  • constante-quirino-min
    Constante Quirino
    Copy Strategist
  • Czarina-Green-min (1)
    Czarina-Green-min (1)
    Czarina Ferrer
    Digital Strategy Assistant
  • david-olson-min
    David Olson
    Copy Strategist
  • gabrielle-green-min
    Gabrielle Pitre
    Recruiting Assistant
  • ian-mangubat-min
    Ian Mangubat
    Sr. Designer
  • jennelyn-tipones-min
    Jennelyn Tipones
    SEO Analyst Trainee
  • juan-florez-min
    Juan Florez
    Back End Developer
  • julio-green-min
    Julio Cavalcanti
    Sr. Front End Developer
  • Karan-Green-min
    Karanbeer Singh
    Sr. SEO Developer
  • krista-green-min
    Krista Bornman
    Web Digital Producer
  • lahela-dolese-min
    Lahela Dolese
    DP Trainee
  • larry-weideman-min
    Larry Weideman
    DP Trainee
  • mallory-b-min
    Mallory Burke
    DP Trainee
  • neal-johnson-min
    Neal Johnson
    DP Trainee
  • nehemiah-green-min
    Nehemiah Eepuri
    SEO Reporting Assistant
  • sarvesh-kumrawat-min
    Sarvesh Kumrawat
    PPC Analyst
  • staav-goldreich-min
    Staav Goldreich
    Assistant Copy Strategist
  • sudhir-tatikonda-min
    Sudhir Tatikonda
    QA Assistant / Development Trainee
  • Vishal-Green-min
    Vishal Arora
    Sr. Front End Developer
  • anna-acuna-min
    Anna Acuna
  • chetan-khandeshwar-min
    Chetan Khandeshwar
    SEO Analyst
  • Divya-Green-min
    Divya Sodhi
    Front End Developer
  • eric-villareal-min
    Eric Villareal
    Front End Developer
  • kelly-badon-min
    Kelly Badon
  • milan-bukejlovic-min
    Milan Bukejlovic
    SEO Analyst
  • nathaniel-gepuela-min
    Nathaniel Gepuela
    SEO Analyst
  • Rohit-Green-min
    Rohit Bhargava
    SEO Analyst
  • talha-green-min
    Talha Ashraf
    SEO Developer
  • tibor-balogh-min
    Tibor Balogh
    Front End Developer
  • umair-khalil-min
    Umair Khalil
    Front End Developer
  • vaughn-torralba-min
    Vaughn Torralba
    SEO Analyst Trainee

To ensure we get the best people on the Coalition team, we have one of the most competitive recruitment processes in the Miami SEO industry. With our in-depth application and interview methods, we’ve built a team that meets and exceeds expectations every day. Our people strive for nothing less than the best to maximize success for every client.

Since our team members have diverse backgrounds, Coalition Technologies is a union of new insights and evolving perspectives that contribute to the versatile and creative SEO strategies we use for our clients.

Forget the Miami SEO firms who use gimmicks and tricks to increase traffic or revenue temporarily. Partner with a firm whose strategies result in long-term success that lasts years. Coalition Technologies has methods that work because we take the time to understand your business and goals.

Experience the Coalition Difference.

Featured in
Computer World
Fast Company
PC World
ABC News

Our SEO Marketing Process

When you sign on with us, we start an in-depth investigation to learn everything about your business. We’re searching for the good, the bad, and the problematic to ensure we get the full picture of who you are. We begin with a Website Audit to help us gain perspective on your current business operations.

A Website Audit allows our experts to analyze all the parts of your site (if you have one) and take note of your successes, as well as problems that need improvement. While some of these improvements may be cosmetic, our analysis covers more than just color scheme and font choice—we look at the smallest details that other Miami SEO firms may ignore or miss.

When search engines are crawling your site to determine its value, even these little details matter, so skimping on them and cutting corners results in less traffic and revenue for your company. Here are some of the small, but important, things we look at on your site:

  • Title tags, meta tags, page copy, page title, alt attributes
  • URL structure
  • Navigation structure
  • Duplicate copy check
  • A/B & multivariate testing
  • Backlink review

Simply the Best

Coalition Technologies has worked with hundreds of business—both large and small—so we know that online marketing can be a big step for many. Whether you’re worried about trying to beat search engines at their own game or wondering how long it takes for our strategies to make a big impact, our team members are standing by to answer all your questions and teach you a little bit about how we use SEO to take your business to the next level. Reach out to us today for more information.

Talk to you soon.

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