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Midwest Diamond and Watch

Client: Midwest Diamond and Watch


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Case Summary: This fine watch specialist offer the top luxury brands to watch collectors. They came to Coalition for our SEO and PPC services. Within three months of starting our campaign, they saw a paid revenue of $9,042.25 from a spend of only $946.71.

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Challenge Icon Challenge

This luxury watch jeweler prides themselves on the quality of their watches. They needed some updates to their site and an Adwords campaign that would drive more watch collectors to their store.

Solution Icon Solution

Coalition got to work making improvements to their site: completing design work, rewriting copy on multiple pages, and fixing indexing errors. We also began a targeted PPC campaign that was focused on specific brands.

Result Icon Result

Within three months of beginning the PPC campaign, there was a 73.55% increase in total revenue, $20,507.90 in October vs. $11,817.00 in July. The behavior metrics are doing exceptionally well, thanks to aesthetic changes made to the website. For example, the bounce rate has improved 21.29% since last month. Adwords drove 7 transactions this month, leading to a paid revenue of $9,042.25 from a spend of only $946.71.

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