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Peak Pilates

Client: Peak Pilates


Services Provided: Consulting, Conversion Optimization, Graphic Design, Social Media Marketing, Data Analytics, , , , ,

Case Summary: Our organic and paid search marketing teams have partnered with Peak Pilates over the course of two years, delivering outstanding results every step of the way.

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Peak Pilates

Challenge Icon Challenge

Peak Pilates offers a cutting edge set of products and a life changing fitness program to its clients. But the organic search rankings and paid search initiatives for Peak had never reflected that forward thinking approach. That’s when Coalition stepped in.

Solution Icon Solution

Our Digital Strategy team reviewed the Peak Pilates business objectives and online presence before outlining a strategy that we knew would mean new profit growth. We recommended a comperhensive overhaul of all paid search marketing iniatitives (PPC) and organic search marketing efforts (SEO).

Result Icon Result

Organic revenue grew by 820% during the first two years we managed their effort. Additional dividends were reaped in a higher conversion rate through all search channels, and better on page user behavior after a design and UX overhaul was implemented.

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