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Pomegranate Inc.

Client: Pomegranate Inc.


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Case Summary: Rich patterned home goods and textiles are the specialty of this online retailer, known for their pomegranate print. Wanting to increase their online presence as a lifestyle brand, they came to Coalition for our top of the line services. Within six months of starting with us, Pomegranate Inc. has seen a 244% increase in monthly revenue. Read on to find out more.

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Pomegranate Inc


Known for their kaleidoscope patterns and textiles, this home goods company came to us looking to appear in search results and reach their target audience. We would say that we hit the mark on this one, and Pomegranate Inc. agrees.


Some of the tasks we completed include adding a slider to the homepage, making the pop-up mobile friendly, improving the search bar's appearance, and making the product images clickable. We also set up a PPC campaign that has been extremely profitable.


Since we began with Pomegranate Inc. six months ago, they have seen an outstanding 244.14% increase in their monthly revenue. They started with $14K in revenue a month and are now at $50K. This comes directly from the organic and paid search that we have brought to their vibrant site.  Our PPC campaign made $9k last month on a spend of only $338.

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