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Client: Pompeii3


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Case Summary: Pompeii3 has been in the diamond jewelry industry for more than 50 years. Within a year, we grew their revenue by 171.75%.

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Challenge Icon Challenge

This diamond jeweler wanted to increase site users and drive conversions, so they signed up for our SEO and email marketing services.

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Some of the tasks we have completed include fixing server errors, implementing breadcrumbs, promoting available financing options, and fixing inconsistencies on the About Us page. We also ran an email marketing campaign for them a few months into our SEO services.

Result Icon Result

Compared to last year, we increased organic traffic 84.40% from 98,113 to 180,923 sessions and new organic users increased 115.55% from only 46,900 to 101,093. Organic revenue increased 40.23% ($1,394,502.59 vs $994,442.87) and organic transactions improved by 63.65%.

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