Case Studies

  • Silver Tips Tea

    After closing their brick-and-mortar store, Silver Tips Tea focused on growing their wholesale and online channels. Since then, the brand’s site has undergone several changes to serve its customers. The owners were still dissatisfied and sought Coalition Technologies to design and develop a modern website. Read on to see how we designed, developed, and launched, achieved positive ROAS on pay per click advertising, and increased brand awareness.

  • Unreal Brands

    Founded in 2011, Unreal Snacks provide healthier chocolate snacks to consumers. Despite having undergone several evolutions since its launch, the brand believed that they have plateaued and wanted to grow their business. Our team discussed with the Unreal Brand their needs and entered into a partnership to build a user-friendly website that would boldly reflect the brand’s “Unreal” vision and tone.

  • GG Blue

    GGblue crafts luxe, high-quality and fashionable golf and tennis apparel. They offer women sophisticated, yet comfortable sportswear through their online store. A current marketing client of Coalition Technologies, its owners wanted to redesign their website to be more engaging, modern and desirable. The client believed that site issues such as 404 error pages could be limiting the effectiveness of their ongoing marketing campaigns.

  • Urban Armor Gear

    Urban Armor Gear wanted to throw down in one of the most competitive ecommerce verticals. They picked the right ecommerce design and marketing firm to help.

  • Compass Health Brands (Carex)

    Carex, an online store selling home medical equipment, wanted to overhaul their website in order to get new clients such as caregivers and grow their revenue. Find out how Coalition helped revive their website and improve conversions.

  • Native Union

    Native Union wanted to streamline their operations because the complexity of their multi-storefront setup was challenging. Coalition Technologies helped them migrate to Shopify Plus as adding new functionality/apps and analyzing 6 different storefronts’ worth of data were becoming difficult and unmanageable.

  • Outbags USA

    This family-owned gun holster manufacturer is all about quality for the everyday American. They chose us, a Los Angeles based SEO firm, to help them drive up their online presence and revenue through SEO, PPC, and email marketing. Six months into the campaign they saw an ROI of 449.77%, generating $13,751.08 from a spend of only $2,501.23.

  • Mirabella Beauty

    Industry leaders demand top performance, and Coalition delivered with this Magento design and development.

  • Hedley & Bennett

    Hedley and Bennett needed a Shopify site that matched the vivid composition of their designer aprons. Coalition Technologies came through with a streamlined site supplemented by our SEO consulting and conversion rate optimization services.

  • What’s Hot Clothing & Footwear

    This footwear company offers customers brand name shoes in a variety of styles. After 6 months with us, What’s Hot has seen monthly overall sessions increase by 132% and revenue increase by 1,118%.

  • Dafina Jewelry

    The move from selling products at a physical retail location to selling online can be a difficult one. How did this jewelry designer make the transition to online sales?

  • Clare Vivier

    Who do Los Angeles’ top fashion designers turn to when they need an ecommerce website? Coalition of course.

  • Edoughble LLC

    This edible cookie dough client serves up high-quality ingredients and a fun family atmosphere. They needed a website that attracted those of us with a sweet-tooth, which is most of us. We worked with Edoughble to coordinate a website that was easy to navigate for their users and showed off how much fun cookie dough can (and should) be. Take a look and see if your mouth doesn’t start watering at this delicious design.

  • Milk & Eggs

    This Los Angeles based delivery service brings products directly from farmers to their customer’s door. They turned to Coalition for help upgrading their site to improve user navigation and increase their rankings by improving the overall quality of their site.

  • Clint and Sons Jerky

    Nom nom nom. ‘scuse us while we enjoy some delicious jerky. Perhaps you could take a few minutes to check out Clint and Sons new ecommerce site and pick up some for yourself.