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Promax & Pure Bar

Client: Promax & Pure Bar

URL: www.pureorganic.comen_UShome.html

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Case Summary: These health and fitness bars provide organic nutrients to fuel your workout and curb your cravings. They approached us looking for promotional design work, as well as optimizing their mobile sites. Over the course of the year, we increased mobile traffic by 185% and tablet traffic by 369%.

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Challenge Icon Challenge

How do you break into the bar… market? I know, this sounds like a bad joke. However, that’s exactly what Promax and Pure Bar needed to do. The punchline to this terrible joke? Coalition. They approached us looking for a site redesign for their grocery food brand, promotional campaigns, newsletters, and site updates.

Solution Icon Solution

We developed and ran promotional contests on-site and through social media for both bars. We completed a redesign of the Pure Bar site onto their new WordPress platform. We updated both sites to be optimized for all mobile devices. We wrote multiple newsletters and added rich content to their sites homepage and product pages.

Result Icon Result

As a result of our work, they saw a 185% increase in their mobile traffic and a 369% increase in their tablet traffic over the course of a year. Our promotional campaigns were extremely successful in bringing new customers, and multiple grocery stores now carry their bars.

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