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Quality Liquor Store

Client: Quality Liquor Store


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Case Summary: This San Diego liquor store has been around since the early 1900s. From craft beers to moonshine, they have anything you need to get the party started. They approached Coalition looking for a way to increase their visibility. In the course of three months, we moved them from the number 6 liquor store in San Diego to the #1 result in searches, Google maps, and popular review site results.

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Quality Liquor Store has the variety and top of the line products to attract all customers in the San Diego area. They needed help to boost their rankings on search results, so they asked Coalition to provide their expert SEO services.

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As per their request, we completed localized search engine optimization, focusing on increasing the results to the customers that could potentially visit their brick and mortar location. We focused our keywords on San Diego, worked to build links, integrated social media into their site, and set up listings for our client.

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When they started out with us, Quality Liquor Store was the #6 ranked liquor store in San Diego. After our SEO work for them? They are now the #1 liquor store in all of San Diego. Their results appear first on searches, map functions, and popular review sites.

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