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RX Sleeve

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Case Summary: This company offers customizable erectile dysfunction sleeves to help restore intimacy to couples. After just 3 months with us, they experienced a 62% increase in monthly organic revenue.

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RX Sleeve

Challenge Icon Challenge

RX Sleeve came to us wanting us to help them gain brand awareness in the erectile dysfunction industry, bring more people to their website, and translate that into increased sales.

Solution Icon Solution

Some of the tasks we have completed so far include writing optimized copy, making their phone number clickable, and fixing the layout of the FAQ page. We also fixed issues with the background color on multiple pages.

Result Icon Result

After 3 months of working with us, RX Sleeve has experienced a 62% increase in monthly organic revenue with a 33% increase in overall revenue. Organic users increased by 20%, new users by 17%, and sessions increased by 14.26%

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