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Sara Dresses

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Case Summary: This online boutique offers affordable designer dresses to girls aged 3-12. Within the first few months of their campaigns with us, they saw organic sessions increase 288% and overall sessions increase 161%. Compared to the last year, organic revenue has increased 103% from $60k to $123k, and overall revenue increased 83% from $212k to $388k.

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Challenge Icon Challenge

Sara Dresses was established because they saw the need for formal girls' dresses in the online marketplace. They came to us looking to improve their conversion rate and their profit. To do this, they signed on with us for SEO and PPC.

Solution Icon Solution

Some of the work that helped Sara Dresses achieve their results includes writing optimized copy, fixing 404 error pages, and optimizing large images. We also made updates to their site - including adding more color and highlighting the offers for shipping as well as discounts.

Result Icon Result

Comparing the first 2 months of the campaigns with the last 2 months, organic sessions increased 288% and overall sessions increased by 161%. Compared to last year, organic search generated 78.99% more sessions, from 13,00 sessions last year to 23,271 sessions this year. Organic revenue increased 103.78% ($123,194.39 vs $60,455.49) and overall revenue has also increased by 83.21% ($388,766.16 vs $212,192.83).

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