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Sawyer Twain

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Case Summary: SawyerTwain came to Coalition in order to increase their brand’s online presence. While the owner had already been successful on platforms like Houzz and Wayfair, he came to Coalition to help the company’s website stand out from the competition. Coalition took over both SawyerTwain’s SEO and PPC. The company started only a year and a half before approaching Coalition to lead their marketing efforts. Their customer service is second to none and this along with our commitment to excellence produced the perfect dynamic for success. In their first 10 months with us, this high-end gaming furniture retailer generated $550,000 in revenue, while spending only $33,190 on our services.

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Challenge Icon Challenge

Sawyer Twain is an e-commerce company selling high-end gaming furniture, specializing in pool and shuffleboard tables from top brands, including American Heritage, Plank & Hide, and Nixon Billiards.
Our challenge was to help Sawyer Twain stand out from the large number of game table dealers online, and to dramatically increase sales in the face of stiff competition.

Solution Icon Solution

In 2019, Coalition took over SEO and PPC marketing for Sawyer Twain. We began by addressing major issues with their site including page loading speeds and mobile optimization. We also helped to clear up negative SEO indicators relative to their site. Using Google Ads in the initial stages of the campaign and then including Facebook Ads thereafter, we brought Sawyer Twain to the attention of interested buyers.

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In less than a year, our SEO and PPC campaigns were able to return extremely impressive results for Sawyer Twain. Revenue generated by organic search increased from $4,000 a month to $37,000 month. Year over year, organic traffic is up 216% and overall traffic has increased by 827%. During the first month of PPC campaigns, the ads generated $5,000; in the most recent month, the PPC ads generated an impressive $75,000. During the span of their PPC campaigns, a spend of only $27,000 has generated $304,000 for a significant ROI of >1,025%.

After working with us for 14 months, the client has experienced a 1,105% increase in biweekly revenue when comparing year over year data, growing from $14k to $171. Transactions have grow by 1,125% in this same time period.

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