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Sawyer Twain

Client: Sawyer Twain


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Case Summary: This pool table, shuffleboard, and foosball retailer came to us to increase their ROI on their site. They had been relying on third party marketplaces, and wanted to see direct conversions. We increased their revenue by 540% in just one month.

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Challenge Icon Challenge

Sawyer Twain wanted to drive more traffic and sales through their site instead of relying on third party marketplaces. They also wanted to develop a clear brand voice. They signed on for SEO and PPC with us.

Solution Icon Solution

Some of the work we have done for Sawyer Twain includes having written optimized copy that sets an expert brand tone for their site, fixing duplicate content issues, and redirecting 404 errors on the site. We also updated their website pop up, compressed images, and wrote alt image text for those images that were missing it.

Result Icon Result

In comparison to last month, overall traffic to the site saw a 46.55% increase. Organic revenue has increased by 100.00%, and the organic transactions increased by 79.91%. Overall revenue has increased by 539.85%, from $4,999.00 to $31,986.00. After 4 months of working with us, their Google Ads performed extremely well; a spend of $469 generated $21,793 in revenue, for an ROI of 21,793%.

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