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Case Summary: This fashion boutique was started by sisters in 2010. They started out locally in a small town wanting to bring affordable, trendy fashion to college girls. After 5 months with us, organic traffic is up 90% and organic revenue has grown by 71%.

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Shop Amour

Challenge Icon Challenge

They came to us because they felt like they were not making progress in their sales, getting about the same revenue month over month. They were looking to expand their brand outside of southern states, receive steady traffic, and increase sales.

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Some of the work we have done for this boutique included writing optimized copy, setting up PPC campaigns, and updating the Pinterest link in the header and footer. We also fixed link issues on the homepage and created an HTML sitemap.

Result Icon Result

After just five months with us, monthly organic sessions improved 90% and organic new users increased by 75%. Overall, the site received 139% more sessions, increasing from 22,143 sessions last month to 52,827 this month and attracted 209% more new users. Organic revenue is up by 71% with organic transactions increasing by 78%. Overall revenue is up by 56%, increasing from $27k in revenue last month to $42k this month with overall transactions increasing by 59%.

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