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Client: Solne


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Case Summary: This eco-friendly clothing brand believes in on-trend pieces that protect mother earth's resources. In addition to clothing for men, women, and children, they also offer sustainable home gifts. They came to Coalition for SEO help in getting their vision and brand into more people's hands. After only two months, their organic traffic was up by 35.58% and revenue was up 277.85%.

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This ecological clothing brand has a defined vision and clientele. They wanted to improve their rankings for specific keywords, so they approached the SEO experts... us.


Our team began by editing copy on their homepage and product pages, built links to multi-level sites, and fixed indexing errors within the site. We also registered with local listings and created social media accounts to improve localized optimization.


After two months of SEO enhancements, Solne saw a 35.58% growth in their organic traffic. New viewers to the site are up 27.52%. Their revenue also increased 277.85% from $86.82 to $328.05.

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