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Case Summary: Getting a new ecommerce site off the ground is no easy feat. That’s why founder Liz sought out Coalition, knowing that strong SEO and PPC were the keys to growing revenue and getting her women’s clothing company found online.

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style lust

Challenge Icon Challenge

Liz began her trendy women’s clothing company just four months before coming to Coalition for guidance with all things marketing. Her biggest concern was seeing ROI on her site, generating online sales, and having organic traffic find her company online.

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Our team optimized multiple pages of Liz’s site, from the homepage to the category pages and the checkout page. Furthermore, we made the mobile version of the site more user friendly. We also created banner ads for and implemented social media campaigns on Facebook and Instagram.

Result Icon Result

During the first month of the campaign, the site generated a total of 19 transactions and accounted for a total revenue of $940.00 this month. Over the last three months of the campaign, there was a considerable 16.95% increase in organic sessions from, growing from 531 to 621 organic sessions.

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