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Test Equipment USA

Client: Test Equipment USA


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Case Summary: This company’s name says it all – they sell test equipment. From electrical to environmental, their inventory covers it all. They came to us wanting to move their sales focus from Amazon to their own website. One of their biggest areas of focus was to increase their organic users – which we did, by 314.25% in the last year.

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Challenge Icon Challenge

TestEquipmentUSA mainly used Amazon is their point of sales, until they met us. They wanted customers to come to their website instead of going through the retail giant. With our proven SEO tactics, we made that request a reality.

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Some of the tasks we completed include fixing 404 errors, reorganizing the FAQ page, fixing and updating the HTML sitemap, compressing images, writing copy, and updating the checkout process.

Result Icon Result

In just this past month, revenue has increased 99.43% from $19K to $37K. Organic sessions are up 314.25% over last year and revenue has continued to climb over time.

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