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The Acting Corps

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Case Summary: This Los Angeles acting school boasts some pretty recognizable clients: Rainn Wilson and Sydney Pollack to name a few. They offer a variety of classes to actors at any point in their career. They came to Coalition looking to bring more students into their program. After only two months of SEO and PPC, visits are up 43.27% and application submissions are up 78.57%.

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Challenge Icon Challenge

You would think finding actors in Los Angeles would be easy. Getting actors to go to class is another matter. The Acting Corps needed Coalition’s expert SEO services to increase their digital presence and get more students into their top-ranked acting program.

Solution Icon Solution

After completing a comprehensive site analysis, we got to work. We made scripting improvements, removed duplicate copy, improved site speed, optimized images, and integrated a blog. We also began a PPC campaign that targeted local actors with strong calls to action.

Result Icon Result

Two months into the SEO revision saw an increase in visits of 43.27%, from 1,218 to 1,745 organic users. Application submissions were also up 78.57% (50 vs 28) from the first month. Through our Adwords campaign, impressions increased 135.12% (176,909 vs 75,242) and clicks were up 33.15% (1,450 vs 1,089).

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