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The Helmet Man

Client: The Helmet Man


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Case Summary: This online helmet retailer got his start from his love of motorcylces. They later branched out to include helmets for any need. Tom and his team came to us looking for search engine optimization and PPC Adwords campaigns to drive in more business. In the course of our campaign, transactions increased 841.67% and revenue increased 517.27%.

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Challenge Icon Challenge

This helmet supplier offers safety and comfort in top quality products to its customers. They needed help on their digital store’s rankings, so they came to Coalition. Through a combination of SEO and PPC, The Helmet Man saw incredible results.

Solution Icon Solution

We began our SEO by optimizing title tags and meta descriptions, fixing indexing errors, and adding fresh copy to top landing pages. We also researched and developed a PPC campaign that would drive more motor sports enthusiasts to their site. Take a look at our results.

Result Icon Result

Over the course of our campaign, The Helmet Man saw some outstanding results. Clicks were up 204.98% (5,270 vs 1,728) and impressions were up 73.82% (400,864 vs 230,616). Transactions increased 841.67% (113 vs 12) and revenue increased 517.27% ($7,514.84 vs $1,217.43). These monthly statistics give up you a comparison of what a company looks like with and within our expert SEO services.

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