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Tommie Copper

Client: Tommie Copper


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Case Summary: This compression garment company offers wearable wellness and pain management to its customers. After successfully switching their site to a new platform 3 months ago, they saw $2.6 million in revenue in one month.

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Tommie Copper

Challenge Icon Challenge

Tommie Copper first came to us to switch platforms to gain a better user interface all while retaining their ranking performance. They also signed on for SEO to help them increase performance on specific keywords and products that are the core of their business.

Solution Icon Solution

We successfully moved the site over to Magento by developing a redirect strategy that let them sustain their rankings. We have also reviewed and written optimized copy, and have begun further link building and development efforts.

Result Icon Result

After 3 months since beginning work, overall, the site received a total of 736k visits this month and 462k first-time visitors. Overall, there were 57k transactions this month, for a total of $2.6 million in revenue. There were 276k organic new users that visited the site. Organic users completed 26k transactions this month for a total of $1 million in revenue.

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