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TVA Media Group

Client: TVA Media Group


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Case Summary: This media company offers the complete range of top-tier media services. They market and produce for TV, radio, print, social media, and the list goes on. Who does a media company turn to for SEO and PPC? Coalition. After only three months into the campaign, conversions are up 500%.

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Challenge Icon Challenge

Who does a media marketing company turn to for search engine marketing? Coalition. Our expert SEO and PPC teams worked together to ensure that this media firm got the leads they were looking for.

Solution Icon Solution

As part of our SEO practices, we helped this client by consolidating sitemaps, improved their FAQs page, wrote missing copy for thin pages, optimized videos, and improved page speed. We then began a PPC campaign targeting specific services offered.

Result Icon Result

Within the course of the SEO and PPC campaign, organic traffic had improved substantially by 40.76%. Organic “Product Evaluation” form submissions increased greatly by 500.00% and contact form submissions increased substantially by 60.00%. The average session duration has improved by 130.72%. For the PPC metrics: impressions are up 497.36%, clicks have increased 781.50%, the average cost per click is down 81.31%, and all conversions are up 500.00%.

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