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Two Way Direct

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Case Summary: This two-way radio supplier started their business over a decade ago. They offer quality radios and accessories to provide companies with efficient communication. With us, they have seen a 90.98% increase in traffic to their site.

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Challenge Icon Challenge

Two Way Direct came to us after managing their own marketing for many years. They wanted the professionals to improve their content, ranking higher for keywords, and improve their overall sales. They signed on for our SEO and PPC services.

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Some of the work we have completed so far includes writing optimized copy, fixing 404 errors, and helping to launch a new theme. We also added a customer testimonial page, fixed mobile usability issues, and built outside links through PR articles.

Result Icon Result

In comparison to last year, the site is attracting 42.50% more organic users. There has also been a 43.19% increase in organic new users, for a total of 18,699 new users this year. Overall, there was a 90.98% increase in traffic to the site this month with sessions increasing from 35,275 sessions to 67,367 sessions and the new users improved by 78.43%.

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