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Vault Energy Solutions

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Case Summary: Sick of your high electric bill? Vault Energy can broker the best deal in Texas for both businesses and homeowners. They came to us because their rankings were dropping significantly, and they wanted to be back on top. Read on to find out how we increased their monthly organic traffic from 13K to 17K monthly sessions in just six months.

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vault electricity

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Vault Energy came to us because they had been pushed out of their rankings by competitors and needed help. They signed on for our expert SEO services, and have been climbing the rankings ever since.

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We have written optimized copy, built quality links, migrated the site to HTTPS, compressed images, and fixed page load speed issues. We have also updated URL architecture, added calls to action throughout the site, and added a clickable phone number in the header.

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After working with us for six months, Vault Energy has seen a 25.86% increase in organic sessions from 13K to 17K monthly sessions. They have also experienced a 45.95% increase in their goal to have visitors on their site for more than 5 minutes.

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