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West End Motorsports

Client: West End Motorsports


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Case Summary: This motorcycle parts retailer offers a wide variety of products that you can install on your own. They even offer custom pieces to stand out from the pack. Over our campaign, the total monthly revenue increased $70,008.44 to $226,931.88. The ROI on paid ads was 299.81%.

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Westend Motorsports came to Coalition because they were unhappy when they moved their site over to a new platform. Their traffic and sales had been steadily decreasing and they wanted to make a u-turn. They approached Coalition to turn their results around through SEO and PPC. We did not disappoint.


One of the client's top priorities was to fix redirect errors and tracking issues. After we completed these tasks, we fixed their search function, mobile menu issues, and located and retrieved missing images. We also created multiple PPC campaigns aimed at remarketing.


Over the course of our ongoing campaign with this motorcycle parts specialist, they experienced an increase in revenue from 248 transactions worth $70,008.44 to 693 transactions bringing in $226,931.88 in total revenue. Within two months, all monthly revenue was six figures and paid traffic made up 52.82% of all transactions with an ROI of 299.81%.

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