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Wheel Creations PVD

Client: Wheel Creations PVD


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Case Summary: This family-owned chrome wheel manufacturer is known for their exchange program where the customer ships their new wheel and get the manufacturer’s wheel in return. Year over year data shows a 75% increase in organic traffic.

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wheel creations

Challenge Icon Challenge

Wheel Creations PVD came to us because they wanted to break into the B2C market. They were used to working with dealerships, but had seen a decline in profit as car manufacturers began to offer better wheels. They signed up for SEO as well as a retainer for some web development work.

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We implemented canonicals, fixed heading errors, redirected links, and wrote optimized copy. We also updated their navigation menu, fixed their home page’s scroll issue, updated the contact form, and created an HTML sitemap.

Result Icon Result

The site is significantly outperforming last year, with a 74.69% increase in organic traffic. Organic new users increased by 90.67%. Overall, the site received 53.79% more sessions this year than last year and overall new users also saw improvement, increasing 69.02%.

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