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Wishing U Well

Client: Wishing U Well


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Case Summary: Coalition redesigned and rebranded this health and wellness products company’s site to focus on their core goals. The result: An 127% increase in organic traffic to the site within a year.

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Challenge Icon Challenge

This organic vitamin supplements and skincare brand contracted Coalition to rebuild and rebrand their site with a new, modern look and with the focus being on creating a social experience where people can talk about the brand and emphasizing their partner brands. They also hired Coalition to increase traffic and conversions through SEO and PPC.

Solution Icon Solution

Coalition rebuilt and redesigned the client’s website to be more responsive and SEO friendly, complete with an updated color scheme and layout. This modern site helped to drive traffic and conversions.

Result Icon Result

In just one year, Coalition increased the company’s organic traffic by 127%, growing from 808 organic sessions to 1,839 organic sessions. During the same period, behavior metrics improved significantly, with the organic bounce rate improving from 55% to 34%, and the average session duration increasing by 124%.

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