4 BigCommerce SEO Tips for Los Angeles Businesses

Getting ahead as a business in L.A. can be a struggle, to say the least. In such a saturated market, it’s simply not enough to offer outstanding products or services. You must take steps to stay ahead of the curve, especially online. If you want your BigCommerce store to succeed, hiring a BigCommerce SEO agency in Los Angeles is a must.

Why Search Engine Optimization Matters

You wouldn’t open a store in the middle of a forest, would you? Of course not. The reason is simple – nobody would ever find your store. The same principle applies to online stores. Organic search traffic is critical to the success of any online (or offline) business, and uncompromised visibility is the key to growing your audience.

Whether you’re in Los Angeles or beyond, BigCommerce SEO upgrades can help your website rise to the top of the major search engines results pages (SERPS), giving your company a competitive edge online. After all, why would a potential customer scroll through pages of Google results when they could simply click on the first or second link? Ranking high on SERPS instills confidence in web users, and it shows that your company is a reputable, trusted resource.

If you have consistent organic web traffic, you’re going to have more sales and a higher ROI – it’s that simple. We’re the BigCommerce SEO agency in Los Angeles that has the skills and experience necessary to drive brand awareness, boost online traffic, and make your company more profitable overall, so don’t try to navigate the ever-changing SEO terrain on your own.

If you do want to optimize your website, here are four user-friendly BigCommerce SEO tips to get you started. Remember: these simple tips will certainly help you increase SERP rankings, but make sure you give us a call so we can really help your company to reach its full potential.

  1. Optimize Your Content

While you may not have the technical knowledge needed to properly and fully optimize your content, there are some simple steps you can take to improve it. For starters, a robust page filled with quality content is naturally going to climb the SERPs.

If you’re not confident in your ability to create high-quality, engaging content, give us a call. In addition to being the leading BigCommerce SEO Los Angeles agency, we also offer a wide range of web development services, including content creation.

Make sure your page’s content includes plenty of terms and phrases that fit your industry but don’t attempt to stuff too many keywords. Google’s algorithms can tell when you’re trying to cheat the system with keyword oversaturation.

  1. Don’t Let Your Content Get Stale

You should be adding fresh content to your website regularly. Trends are going to come and go, and it’s important that you’re always keeping your website up to date with the latest information. If your website isn’t constantly evolving, it’s naturally going to sink lower and lower.

Again, a BigCommerce SEO agency can provide ongoing content so your site remains relevant. Partner with Coalition for consistent high-quality blog posts, product descriptions, articles, and more. Quality content establishes your brand as more than just a provider of products or services. It turns your company into a resource, and that’s incredibly valuable for long-term growth and success.

  1. Add Videos to Your Page

Although creating high-quality video content requires an investment of time and money, the results are worth it. Adding videos to your BigCommerce store makes it 53 times more likely that it’ll rank on the first page of Google. Videos also make your customers 41% more likely to click through, and 85% more likely to make a purchase. If you’re not sure what to put it in your video, just keep it simple. Just showing the products goes a long way.

  1. Write Unique Product Descriptions

While it may be tempting to copy and paste product descriptions from other sources, it’s absolutely essential that you create brand new, unique content. Not only will one-of-a-kind, well-written product descriptions help you rank higher, but it will also ensure that your website isn’t penalized for plagiarism. With the help of a good Los Angeles SEO agency for your BigCommerce site agency, you can also use keyword strategies to further improve your product descriptions.

Boost Your ROI

We know that what we do works because we have plenty of data that proves it. Many of our clients have experienced phenomenal growth following our SEO strategies. For example, we worked with Maison de Kristine , an online boutique specializing in French country home furnishings and accessories. Through our strategies and upgrades, we’ve been able to drive traffic to Maison de Kristine’s website, leading to substantial revenue growth:

Based on our November analytics report for this client, our team’s strategies and optimizations have contributed to:

  • a 61.76% increase in organic traffic between November and October 2016. Organic traffic between this time frame also generated 71.12% of the site’s revenue.
  • Between November and October, organic transactions increased by 7.14%, for a total of $4,170.54 in revenue.

Call Coalition Technologies Today

Why wait to give your company the upper hand? These four tips are only a tiny part of a much bigger picture, and we’re the agency with the skills and experience to give your business the web presence it needs to succeed. Call (310) 827-3890 now for a free consultation, or send us a message online. Take your online business to the next level with Coalition Technologies.

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