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2019-07-05 15:16:39

Viral Marketing Agency in Los Angeles

Viral marketing, sometimes referred to as buzz marketing, is one of the strongest tools in your social media/search engine optimization arsenal. Everyone has heard of viral videos – those videos which receive millions of views over a short period of time. What people often don’t know is how viral content can impact their search engine optimization results and provide real monetary benefits to businesses.


Viral content – whether videos, graphics, memes, blog posts, etc. – has incredible power when it comes to driving traffic to your website. If you have interesting and unique posts, people will share that content with their friends who will share it with their friends and so on and so forth. Besides people simply going to your website because of its content, when people are sharing your content, they are probably sharing a link to your website with everyone. This is organic link-building at its finest. When people start posting your content on their blogs and social media sites, it increases traffic in several different and effective ways. More quality links of this nature means better rankings in search engine result pages. Higher traffic increases the pool of users who could potentially convert to customers. The benefits of this are obvious: more opportunities for revenue and new markets to open.
Video Marketing


Coalition Technologies will take the time to help your site produce content that can go viral. Our social media experts utilize content targeted towards your respective audience and follow the industry’s best practices to effectively spread the word about your company.

Our experts know how to formulate their plans off the three fundamentals of viral marketing: messenger, message, and environment.

Messenger encapsulates three different fields: market mavens, social hubs and salespeople.
  1. 1. Mavens Mavens are those who are constantly following the current trends and have a pulse on the environment and are ever-ready to seize upon the varying fluctuations in the online world for your benefit.
  2. 2. Social Hubs Social hubs are those who can connect to large networks of people and are able to quickly inject viral content into these pathways.
  3. 3. Sales Person A Sales Person takes a piece of content and optimizes it for your business. This means that the content will be persuasive and have a call to action and direct benefit to your company.
The message is the content itself. It needs to be interesting, unique and powerful.

These attributes are what cause people to share it with their friends. You want the content to be memorable and to evoke certain emotions from people, so they are willing to take the time to spread it. The message can come in a variety of forms, like a video or audio clip, infographic, blog post, etc.

The environment is the current state of the online world.

This covers the hot topics, the type of content that people are sharing (a good example is the popularity of memes), and a few other user behavior metrics that we keep track of that help give us a competitive edge.

Viral marketing is a broad field that rewards creativity

Some of the methods for Viral Marketing include:

  • Client Participation (i.e. polls)
  • Integration with Mobile Smartphones
  • Television and Radio, etc.

Our viral content will be based off the factors of:

  1. 1) The profile of social gathering
  2. 2) Proximity Market
  3. 3) Finally key word analysis in the real time

Coalition Technologies isn’t in the business of peddling cheap gimmicks for outrageous prices. We offer high quality services that have delivered incredible results to hundreds of businesses. Contact us today, and let’s have a conversation about how we can help you too.

That’s the Coalition Difference.

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