Case Studies

  • Roku

    Roku supplies affordable and easy-to-use devices for watching and streaming TV shows, movies, and music. This audio and video equipment manufacturer also provides its customers with Video on Demand (VOD) streaming services. They sought Coalition’s help to grow their brand engagement and improve rankings of ad-supported content on their streaming platform.

  • Mehraban Rugs

    Located in West Hollywood, California, Mehraban Rugs supplies luxury rugs through its physical and online store. Customers can purchase a variety of high-quality handmade rugs and/or have their rugs appraised and cleaned. The client wanted to improve the look and feel of their website. They sought our help to improve keyword…


    This family owned and operated printing company offers quality and competitive pricing for large and small printing needs. This approach led them directly to Coalition. To quote our client: “we have one of the most comprehensive and user-friendly custom websites in the industry”. We think that speaks for itself. But if you’re not convinced, take a look at our numbers in the Results section.

  • Electro Rent

    How does a large electronic test equipment rental company generate more traffic and leads through their site? With a team like Coalition’s strong SEO strategies in place.

  • Axiom Images

    A stock image company specializing in aerial shots and footage for films came to Coalition seeking improved PPC results. Read on to see how we delivered!

  • Biohorizon Medical Inc.

    How does a medical supply company gain the trust of patients and doctors alike? A beautifully designed and efficiently run website is a good place to start, and our SEO services only boosted the amazing results for this client.

  • Main Street Hub

    Social media and reptuation management gurus sometimes need a bit of assistance too. Coalition helped strengthen the search presence of Main Street Hub in 2012.

  • CW Network

    This major TV network is known for its action-packed shows, such as The Flash, Supergirl, and The Vampire Diaries, to name a few. With Fall premiers of beloved shows such as The Flash coming up, they reached out to Coalition for SEO. During the first month of SEO work, the site received a total of 15,822,812​ sessions out of which 3,742,670​ sessions were organically generated.

  • CallMrFixIt

    This maintenance and construction company works in both the commercial and residential sectors. They believe in doing the job right. Coalition’s values aligned perfectly with this.

  • Keshot Co.

    This social media photo booth company offers another way to market at corporate events. Their photo booths allow companies to put their logo on all pictures and videos taken at events, and even have the ability to post them to Facebook. Keshot wanted to get more leads, so they turned to Coalition.

  • Knovial

    This content management system provider works with businesses to improve the communication between your web, sales, and marketing teams. They came to Coalition for help designing and running Facebook ads.

  • Moldex-Metric

    This personal protection company offers masks, respirators, and earplugs to workers in industrial settings. Based in Los Angeles, they wanted to expand their market into the entirety of North America. With one month of SEO and PPC, we were able to increase organic traffic to 75.46% of users. Within 3 months, paid search accounted for 52.92% of users.

  • Organix Mart

    This conversion optimized landing page built buzz for this southern California startup.

  • Laser Operations LLC

    This high performance laser company provides lasers for medical, industrial, and consumer products. Where does a tech company go for website design and development? Coalition. We built a responsive design that showcases the products and their uses so that Laser Operations could get more leads. Take a look!

  • West Coast Classics

    This classic car dealership buys and sells California classic automobiles. They came to Coalition to build them a new website that would fix the many errors in payment and product pages that had been plaguing them. Take a look.