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For more than two decades, Beauty Plus Salon has supplied its customers with high-quality beauty and hair care services and products from its brick-and-mortar stores and salons. After seeing a decline in the demand for their salon care services, the client decided to make a digital pivot in 2015. A new website was developed, and soon after Newsweek named as one of the fastest growing websites in the United States. Despite this accolade, the client was not experiencing great success in their email marketing campaigns. They contacted us for full service email marketing to help revamp the brand’s campaigns,  grow their subscriber list, and increase revenue.

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Within the first ten months of our partnership, Beauty Plus Salon saw growth in their subscriber list, repeat buyers, open rates, and click rates. Month over month, revenue from email campaigns grew, and our efforts helped grow SMS and email revenues.


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The client highlighted several issues they had with their business, including slow transit times and other fulfillment challenges. They were dissatisfied with the marketing metrics of their previous marketing campaigns. With the closure of the majority of their brick-and-mortar salons, they needed to revamp their digital marketing services.

The brand faced challenges with selling some legacy products on several third-party websites. They had worked with several email marketing services agencies who helped the brand’s email and SMS revenues grow to 9% and 6%, respectively of total revenue. Some of the client’s requests from our partnership included personalization in email marketing campaigns, improvements in segmentation, conversion rate optimization (CRO), and repeat orders. They also wanted to target growth in customer loyalty, an updated email subscriber list, and increased sales revenue.


We implemented a two-phase strategy.

Phase 1: Improving the Bottom Line

We created several new email automations and optimized existing automations, one of which was the abandoned cart automation where we added an add-to-cart trigger. Our team also created winback, post-purchase, and repeat purchase nurture series automations, and optimized welcome series automations. Additionally, we created multiple SMS automations using Attentive.

Our team ensured that all integrations and sign-up forms were set up correctly in both Attentive and Klaviyo. With the client’s input, we developed the email and SMS marketing strategies and fixed the embedded email popup and sign up form in the footer.  We created copy to maintain the regular sending cadence of at least two emails and one SMS automation each week.

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Phase 2: Cadence Normalization

We implemented an email marketing calendar to suit evergreen and seasonal promotions. A/B testing plans were established for all outgoing email and SMS campaigns to test and achieve the most engagement. Additionally, we optimized copy for email and SMS campaigns and overhauled the email marketing template for modularization.

Final Product

Client Testimonial

We are happy with Coalition Technologies’ work, which has led to a growth in our revenue. The team manages the engagement effectively and their working knowledge has been highly impressive. Overall, the partnership has been successful.

Robert Krant, CFO, Beauty Plus Salon


Within the first ten months of our partnership, the client’s subscriber list increased by 23% and repeat buyers by 22%. Campaigns saw 50%-70% open rates; 0.5% – 0.8% click rates were seen within the first ten months. Similarly, SMS subscribers grew by 37%.

Four months after our partnership started, email-attributable revenue grew to 23% of total revenue, then to 30% a month later. Subsequent months saw email revenue reach 33% of total revenue.

2023 Attributed and Unattributed Revenue for Beauty Plus Salon

During the first ten months of our SMS campaigns, Beauty Plus Salon saw improvements in conversions, revenue, and average order value. SMS conversions and average order value increased by 33% and 3%, respectively. Brand SMS revenue achieved 27% growth. 2023 email revenue increased by 27% compared to the previous year.

Our team created several Black Friday Cyber Monday (BFCM) email campaigns, one of which netted a 54.1% open rate and a 1.1% click rate. Another Black Friday Last Chance email campaign saw a 56.3% open rate and a 0.7% click rate. Their Cyber Monday email campaign garnered an open rate of 57.6% and click rate of 0.9%. All three BFCM email campaigns surpassed the industry’s average open and click rates.

SMS Attributable Revenue for February 2023 through November 2023 for Beauty Plus Salon

Subscriber list grew month over month. Our team updated the brand’s segment report by removing duplicates and getting new subscribers.

Beauty Plus Salon Subscriber List growth between August 2023 and January 2024

The Black Friday SMS campaign saw more than 60,000 text messages sent, which generated a 3.3% click rate and a conversion rate of 5%.