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SEO Services for Artists

SEO Services for Artists

Our proven SEO methods will place you and your art at the forefront of your industry.

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Results-driven Search Engine Optimization

Our team of SEO experts use data and statistics from thousands of previous campaigns to boost your SEO results to the top of your industry—and we have over 600 case studies to prove that our approach works.

Your success is Coalition’s success. By tying our brands together, you can be assured that we are fully committed to your campaign. Our specialists create a completely customized strategy tailored to your needs and goals via an in-depth study of your brand, website, and target customers.

Contact your personal SEO expert at Coalition today to see how our SEO services for artists can work for you. Learn more about our SEO pricing and monthly SEO packages.

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Our SEO Services for Artists

Search Engine Optimization (SEO) increases your website’s traffic and revenue by increasing your website’s rankings in Search Engine Result Pages (SERPs). With Coalition Technologies’ expertise, we provide you with tailored SEO strategies that are targeted specifically to benefit your needs and achieve your goals.

SEO is used to generate leads and visitors by making your website more visible and reachable to both new and old users. Its ultimate goal is to place your website on the front page of a search engine’s results, which makes it more likely for searchers to click on it.


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Our SEO Services

Keyword Research

We study and analyze your business needs in order to find the most relevant and localized keywords to use in our SEO campaign services. By strategically placing these targeted keywords throughout the pages of your website, we increase the trust value and search ranking of your website. This results in an overall increase in traffic that is more likely to result in real visibility, conversions, and sales.

Website Optimization

Our SEO team evaluates the best content to use for your website’s title, header, metadata, copy, alt tags, and URLs. This creates both a better user experience and search results when it is crawled and indexed by search engines. We also include strong calls-to-action (CTAs) in prime locations of your website in order to encourage a positive click-through rate (CTR).

Website Structure

Coalition utilizes thorough market research in order to optimize and restructure your website by accurately aligning your goals with your visitors’ needs. We balance website speed, functionality, and aesthetic through effective website design and development that further boost your website’s search engine rankings and lower negatively impacting traffic results such as bounce rates.

Blog Content

By properly utilizing blog content, we generate internal links that create a web of easily accessible information to your visitors. We combine informative and trustworthy content with strong CTAs that increase your CTR and conversion rate optimization (CRO).

Link Building

Aside from building internal links, our SEO experts create and maintain relationships with related and authoritative websites that result in “link juice” via inbound links from other content creators within the art industry. These natural links ensure a diverse network that ultimately lead back to your website and guarantee an increase in organic traffic to your work.

Identifying Problems

We track down and correct page issues on your website that result in a lower SEO ranking via penalties to various search engine algorithms. Any 404 errors and 302 redirects are properly redirected to more user-friendly pages that decrease your bounce rate, and duplicate content is replaced with unique and keyword optimized copy.

Mobile Accessibility

With the increase in mobile device traffic by modern audiences, there is a new standard of website functionality, navigability, and speed. Coalition ensures that your website is tailored to display correctly on any device, which is a key factor in better traffic performance and conversion optimization on mobile devices.

Website Usability

Our SEO team evaluates the most effective and efficient functions that benefit your visitors, such as live chat, easy support, page breadcrumbs, and quick checkout. By creating an easily navigable website, visitors are much more likely to find what they are looking for, which promotes overall user engagement and action.

600+ Case Studies Driving Sales

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