Case Studies

  • NS Corporation

    This vehicle washing system manufacturer has been washing cars since the 1950s. Their systems are efficient and cost effective for their customers. They came to us looking for more traffic, better rankings, and ultimately more customers. After only a month with us, new users made up 70.67% of the traffic and the contact form conversion rate increased 453.82%.

  • P3 America

    This automation and electromechanical product company manufactures and distributes across all commercial and industrial sectors. After working with us for over 2 years, they have seen a 55% increase in their organic traffic year over year as well as a 37% increase in their organic revenue.

  • Compass Health Brands (Carex)

    Carex, an online store selling home medical equipment, wanted to overhaul their website in order to get new clients such as caregivers and grow their revenue. Find out how Coalition helped revive their website and improve conversions.

  • QSpray

    This spray specialist equipment brand wanted to hose the competition through a new website and marketing strategies. Our team tied together the benefits of having SEO and PPC running with a new BigCommerce website and showed how our services compliment each other. In 2019, we upgraded to BigCommerce’s new Stencil framework which had many new features and apps that would improve their site.

  • All Industrial Tool Supply

    This industrial tool distributor wanted an easier to use site. Coalition’s solution: a streamlined, responsive BigCommerce site that effectively informed visitors and easily guided them towards a purchase.

  • Hedley & Bennett

    Hedley and Bennett needed a Shopify site that matched the vivid composition of their designer aprons. Coalition Technologies came through with a streamlined site supplemented by our SEO consulting and conversion rate optimization services.

  • CSI Ergonomics

    CSI designs furniture for optimal comfort, and Coalition designs websites for optimal consumer engagement. By implementing Magento design and development, as well as Ariba integration, we were able to help CSI achieve the elegant simplicity that exemplifies their brand.

  • CNC Broach Tools

    This company provides tools to assist manufacturing companies and their machines. They came to Coalition for development, SEO, and PPC. Coalition was ready to do the heavy lifting and get them the results they needed.

  • Town & Country Village

    This luxury urban shopping destination in Houston, Texas wanted to update its look. Coalition built a WordPress site that would be user-friendly to allow their customers to see the merchants and really get a feel of what it would be like to visit Town & Country Village. Take a look at the site and see if you agree.

  • DLC

    DLC is a consulting firm that offers professional services to other companies in financial planning, accounting, project management, and more. They needed a new site that would show their previous work, show off their impressive credentials, and ultimately garner more leads.

  • Enviroasis

    This lighting company’s focus is on energy efficient lighting to help not just the environment but also your energy bill. They came to Coalition to design and develop a website that would get their lighting products into their customer’s homes.

  • Equipment & Event Rental

    This family owned and run company provides outdoor power tools and equipment to the New Jersey area. They came to Coalition in need of our design and development expertise. We built a BigCommerce website with a responsive design, thumbnail product pages, customer review sections, and a simple one page checkout to generate more conversions. Take a look!

  • Gabriella Santaniello

    Gabriella runs a consultant firm for retail and fashion brands. She focuses on the finances of the client and helps them to understand consumer psychology. Her experience in the fashion and finance sectors led her to founding this firm. She needed Coalition’s help to design and launch a site that showed off her credentials and client testimonials. Take a look at our streamlined and elegant design for A Line Partners.

  • Gaia Development

    Gaia Development focuses on helping contractors, architects, and owners consider sustainable building options that provide ecological and tax benefits. They have a broad portfolio of work in both the industrial and home sectors. They needed help showcasing their services and generating more leads.

  • Hunt Electrical

    This North Carolina electrical supply distributor provides top quality products to businesses and home owners. They have eight brick and mortar locations, but were looking to expand into the digital market. Coalition built a custom BigCommerce site complete with a homepage slider, custom product pages, and more. Check out our work for yourself!