Eighty Six Brand


After working for many years in the vape industry, the owners of Eighty Six launched the brand to provide high-quality, lab-tested cannabinoids to users. This brand provides cannabis products such as edibles, vape cartridges, and disposables that individuals can use to get the buzz associated with Delta-8 THC, HHC, and THC-O. An existing marketing client of Coalition Technologies, this brand needed a new website after its previous Shopify website was taken offline. The client saw this as an opportunity to create a new website with improved design and add new functionalities where possible.

Learn how we migrated this brand’s website using the WooCommerce plugin and transformed eightysixbrand.com into a customizable WordPress ecommerce website.


Within the first 20 months of our SEO campaigns for Eighty Six Brand, they saw organic revenue grow by more than 4,350% percent. After cannabis-related products were no longer allowed on Shopify, the client was faced with deciding how to progress with their brand. After discussing their concerns with us, the client wanted their new website to have an open source platform with multiple plugins and extension features. Additionally, the client wanted our team to continue writing optimized copy that includes relevant keywords to further improve its ranking on search engines, analyzing and linking PR article opportunities, and implementing other search engine optimization features.


Design and Development

Our team started with creating navigational and functional sitemaps. Our designers mapped out the site’s information architecture, including a unique product carousel and style cards. Where needed, paid plugins were used to supplement the WooCommerce platform functionality. Referencing the client’s previous website and incorporating new ideas, our team created a sitemap that would be able to meet the needs of its wholesale and consumer markets. As this is a cannabis brand, we incorporated the required legal and governmental disclaimers included on the website.

Mockups of the product, informational, and product review pages were designed and approved by the client. Our teams then developed both mobile and desktop versions of all these pages.

Development of a WooCommerce Shopping Cart

We maximized WordPress’s customizability, flexibility, simplicity, and security for this CBD brand’s new website. As the leading WordPress responsive design and development service company, we ensured the new website would be highly functional and be able to evolve with the brand as it continues to grow.

Search functionality

The client wanted the new website to have a custom search option functionality. Every product offered by the brand has a certificate of analysis listed on the website. People who consume Eighty Six Brand’s products will know exactly which Delta-8 ingredients and their concentration levels make up the products. Our team created a custom page for the brand’s products to provide shoppers with resources to make informed choices as they shop. Whether it is a gummy or vape cartridge you are looking for, the custom product pages inform website users of the brand’s methods and lab reports for its products.

screenshot of Eighty Six Brand's product category page

Data and Product Migration

Our team migrated the customers, products, and product reviews previously listed on the Shopify site to the new website using LitExtension. This migration extension was able to accurately migrate the brand’s data and appropriately assign reviews to product pages.

Interactive Map

Our design and development team designed and implemented an interactive, color-coded map showing users if they are able to buy Delta-8 THC, HHC, and THCO products in their state. Additionally, each state has a dropdown with further resources, including the specific state law or code which prohibits or permits the purchase and use of these products.

Our team created training videos for the client to teach them how to make updates to the website map and modify content as needed.

screenshot of Eighty Six Brand's interactive map
screenshot of Eighty Six Brand's wholesale sign up page

Wholesale Function Implementation

Eighty Six Brand supplies products to B2C and B2B markets. Our team configured the website to have wholesale functionalities. We created a branded, simple form for bulk purchases. Similar to other pages within the website, the wholesale page explains the difference between Delta-8 THC, HHC, and THC-O.

Shoppers are encouraged to include any additional questions or comments that they may have as they submit their requests. Using this functionality, website users can get additional information on the products that are best suited for the shopper’s needs.

Other Website Implementations

We installed the WooCommerce anti-fraud filtering plugin to quickly detect, block, or pause fraudulent transactions and potential hacks, should they occur. Our team also linked all the brand’s social media accounts to the new website. Google Analytics was also installed to measure results and assist the brand with marketing and business planning. Multiple payment gateways and shipping options were added to provide worldwide access to the brand’s products. Administrative and store email accounts were also created. The client was pleased with the capabilities, appearance, and site speed of the new eightysixbrand.com.

Final Product


Our team launched the new WordPress website improving the layout, appearance, and content of the previous category, home, checkout, and product pages. The below screenshots were images of some of the old pages of the brand’s Shopify website.

The new website is fast yet customized, making customers and its owners pleased with its functionalities.

Within the first twenty months of our partnership with Eighty Six Brands, revenue from the website grew by more than 4,352%. During this same period, the brand has seen increases in organic traffic and users, as well as the number of transactions month over month.