Kratora LLC supplies customers with naturally sourced, high-quality botanical kratom products. Since 2013, this kratom specialist has been going above and beyond industry standards to deliver the best kratom products and customer service experience to its customers. For a few years, the brand has seen many of its keywords attain top ranking positions. After noticing drops in revenue and keyword ranking positions, the client contacted Coalition to help them recover and surpass their past performances. Coalition is a leading kratom SEO marketing agency with a robust knowledge of industry restrictions and trends and several high ROI Kratom SEO case studies.

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See how our efforts helped Kratora regain top ranking positions for some of its most valuable keywords. We also increased their revenue and organic sessions and improved their website’s functionality and ADA compliance.


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Kratora came to Coalition after experiencing a fall in their monthly revenue due to failing Search Engine Optimization (SEO) efforts. They wanted to rank higher and see their sales back up where they were before. The client wanted more calls to action in their copy, as well as fix issues with their credit and debit card processor, and update the layout and functionality of their website. We conducted a thorough website audit for, and discovered spammy links, multiple pages returning 404 errors, missing XML sitemap link to the robots.txt file, misspelled URLs, issues with the text container size, repetitive content on subcategory pages and ADA noncompliance.


Our copy team created optimized content for multiple pages including home, FAQ, product, category and subcategory pages. Strong calls to action were added to the website’s pages, and multiple optimized blog posts were written and added to the website.

We also created mock-ups and implemented new pages on the site. The product and review schema markups were incorrectly implemented on the website by the previous developer. This led to users receiving errors in search results, as well as search engines having difficulty in understanding the website’s content. We implemented new schema markups that improved the visibility of product and review pages for the brand.

Multiple PR Outreach articles were submitted by our team for publication to high authority websites. Additionally, we analyzed the backlinks to the website for spammy links, or links to 404 pages. All links with 404 errors were fixed, and spammy links removed. We also regained the value of several links that were previously lost.


The client engaged our web development and email marketing services through a monthly retainer contract. Several plugins needed to be updated or installed. Our developers updated the Gravity Form, and installed the free product sample plugin, as well as credit and debit card processor plugins.

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ADA Compliance

There were several Americans with Disabilities Act of 1990 (ADA) Compliance issues detected on the website. Our developers implemented strategies that improved’s Level A, AA, and AAA ADA compliance. We added text and alt text attributes to all images on the website. We removed text-decoration link styles, added other style attributes, and color changes that improved the visibility to users impacted by color vision. Visual labels were added to the accessible name of links and controls and we added adequate contrast to text and background colors. Duplicate IDs linked to elements were also removed.

Email Marketing

Starting in May 2021, the client engaged us for email marketing services. We created several email campaigns for Kratora including product announcements, promotions, and newsletters. Sign up pop-ups and embedded forms were created on the website to capture new subscribers and grow the brand’s list of subscribers. This resulted in growth in new subscribers by more than 3% monthly.

Automated journeys were created to capitalize on user actions. Automations including welcome series, abandoned cart, browse abandoned, post purchase, and winback journeys allowed us to capitalize on customers’ interests and stage in the buying cycle.

Through a regular cadence of email campaigns spanning different content types (promos/sale, newsletters/blog posts, product announcements, UGC content), we were able to maintain audience engagement, build loyalty, and drive revenue for the brand.

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Final Product

Client Testimonial

We hired Coalition to manage our SEO efforts and to manage our web development for our site. We wanted to rank higher on SEO. Coalition has been very professional in their communication with our company. They finish projects in a timely manner. We are ranking a

little bit higher on our targeted keywords (changing in your ranking for SEO takes time and so far we are on schedule). Also their web development team has finished our site redesign and we are receiving positive feedback on the new site.

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Colleen McAleavey, Owner, Kratora LLC


The client was extremely pleased with improvements we made to the website. The website is more engaging, is now ADA-compliant, and easy to navigate. Users have provided positive feedback on the website layout and content.

Thanks to our copy team who provided engaging and optimized content, saw increased repeat visitors month over month. At the end of May 2023, organic search traffic was the second largest contributor to website traffic.

Email marketing quickly became a strong tool to drive traffic and revenue throughout the campaign, especially recently, given the impacts of Google algorithm updates. Good deliverability metrics like 35-60% open rates, 1-4% click rates have allowed Kratora to continue to grow traffic to the website while rebounding from the algorithm updates. In terms of revenue, we have seen email consistently generate between 40-60% of total online revenue on a monthly basis. During the period of January 2023 through October 2023, email marketing revenue increased by 20% when compared to 2022.



click rates



of total online revenue



email marketing revenue

Our team’s efforts with content optimization resonated with the website users. Month over month, the client saw improvements in bounce rate, pages per session, average session duration and transactions. We created a 10-year anniversary email campaign which resulted in a 41% open rate, 3.3% click rate, and revenue of more than $12,000.

For the three-month period August 2022 through October 2022, organic users increased by 23.33% and organic sessions by 23.02% when compared to the previous three-month period May 2022 through July 2022. Similarly, for the period August 2023 through October 2023, organic users increased by 144%, organic sessions by 134%, and organic revenue by 11% when compared to the previous three-month May 2023 through July 2023.

Three-Month Period Results



organic users



organic sessions



organic revenue