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2018-12-13 19:28:59

Mobile Marketing FAQs

  • Why Should Marketers Care About Mobile Marketing?

    Mobile Marketing is the closest you can get to marketing directly to the consumer. Cell phones are the most personal device that allows a company to be in proximity to their customers almost 24/7. Mobile marketing is evolving and rapidly becoming essential to companies wanting to market their products. Mobile marketing is becoming an increasingly important component of any marketing campaign.

  • Is there a difference between mobile responsive and mobile friendly?

    There is a difference between “mobile friendly” and “mobile responsive.” A mobile-friendly email can be made without having to change any technology. Writing one column text or small amounts of text for example is “mobile friendly” however nothing was changed in the technology to make it responsive. “Mobile responsive” is when the way the web page is viewed adapts to the device that is viewing it.

  • How do I create the best messages for mobile devices?

    When writing content for a mobile device it is best to be short and to the point. Most people on a cell phone do not want to scroll through countless pages of text. Using photos or video to share information is the most effective when it comes to mobile messages. It is also good to use larger fonts that are readable on a mobile device.

  • How do I design content that can be read both on a mobile phone and a desktop?

    It is best to test what your message looks like on each device. Short and to the point content is good for both desktop and mobile viewing however you can also use mobile friendly templates that are optimal for mobile viewing. Send a test email and view it with multiple devices before you send it out to clients.

  • How is mobile usage changing how people respond to marketing?

    Since the rise of mobile devices, everyone’s viewing and reading habits have been changing. There is so much information being thrown at us every day that is becoming harder and harder to keep our attention. Our inboxes from email, social media and blogs are getting read on the run on a mobile device. It is important to keep messages short and to the point to be able to reach the people short on time.

  • How important are images for mobile content?

    Images are much better at giving people information quickly than a long paragraph is. Visual content generally gets a much better response than just text alone. The speed and effectiveness of using images on mobile content make it a very important aspect of your mobile marketing plan.

  • Is my audience reading emails on their mobile device?

    A recent statistic showed that 44 percent of all email is opened on a mobile device. These numbers are increasing every day.

  • How does Search Engine Optimization (SEO) work together with mobile marketing?

    Search engines make it easy to get information on the go. All the apps allow your organization to be found in local searches. Foursquare, Yelp, and YellowPages online are just a few of the apps that put your business on the local map with SEO on a mobile device.

  • What are some good mobile marketing recommendations for businesses?

    One good recommendation is to make content easy to read and mobile-friendly for people. If you are already sending email marketing then this is a great start for mobile marketing since so many people view emails on a mobile device now. So make sure your content is easy to read on a mobile device. Another good idea is to make sure to have your listing on search apps and websites. It is smart to encourage people to use their phones to take photos, write reviews, and share content about your business with social networks.

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