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SEO for Lawyers

SEO for Lawyers

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SEO for Lawyers in the Digital Age

We form our digital marketing strategies for law firms using scientifically tested data and proven methods for success. No guesswork, no untested opinions, and no magic tricks.

At Coalition Technologies, we know that SEO for lawyers requires more than just keywords. Our team analyzes your site for over 500 potential ranking factors and creates a strategy focused on achieving the best results possible for your business.

We work hand in hand with our clients to increase your firm’s visibility online and drive traffic to your site that will convert into well-qualified leads.


What High-End Web Design Can Do for You

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Certified Google Ads Premier PartnerCertified Google Ads Premier Partner

World-renowned SEO professionalsWorld-renowned SEO professionals

4.7 rating on Google with 110+ reviews4.7rating on Google with 110+ reviews

4.8 rating on Facebook with 50+ reviews4.8rating on Facebook with 50+ reviews

4.7 rating on Featured Customers with 1,200+ reviews4.7rating on Featured Customers with 1,200+ reviews

Custom internally developed software that brings clients resultsCustom internally developed software that brings clients results


of users turn to search engines when in need of legal information.


of users use non-branded terms when searching for legal services.


Most potential clients only contact one
attorney before making a final decision.

Why SEO is Important for Lawyers

Google and other search engines strive to provide their users with the best results for their search queries. Because of this, their algorithms evolve continuously. What may be working great for your website one week could easily become a negative ranking factor the next.

By creating a technically sound website with targeted, well-written content, your site provides search engines with the relevant information that their users need.

At Coalition Technologies, our digital marketing strategies for law firms help your website’s content stay aligned with the primary ranking factors of all major search engines while building trust with potential clients.

Contact us today for a specialized strategy based on your firm’s goals! You may also learn more about SEO pricing and our monthly SEO plans.

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  • Search Engine Optimization


    Search Engine Optimization

  • Higher Page Rankings

    Higher Page Rankings

    On Search Engines like Google

  • Increased Traffic

    Increased Traffic

    To your website

  • Increased ROI

    Increased ROI

    Return On Investment

What Coalition Technologies Can Do for You

ROI-Driven SEO for Lawyers

With our team’s cumulative eighteen centuries (Yes, we’re serious!) of digital marketing experience, we have learned that getting a return on investment for our clients requires dedicated, specific strategies based on your goals. We know that marketing in the legal field requires understanding your area of practice and how you work for your clients. That’s why we prioritize our partnership and communication above all other parts of our work.

Our team works diligently to provide you with well-qualified leads, just as you work diligently to resolve the unique obstacles your clients’ face. To review some of the great results we have achieved for clients in the legal field, browse our selection of law and government SEO case studies.

What Our Clients Are Saying

featured reviews

They consistently went above to improve our website every month we worked with them. Their team put in far more work than required by their contract to ensure that they delivered the highest quality product possible. A lot of SEO companies are going to say whatever they can to get you to sign and commit to them, they were never pushy and simply let their work speak for themselves. Everyone was incredibly knowledgable, prompt, professional yet personal, and a pleasure to work with. I honestly don’t have any bad things to say.


Nathaniel S.

featured reviews

Their digital marketing efforts have fostered year-over-year organic growth in conversion rates and revenue. Coalition Technologies is professional, committed, and responsive. They manage the collaboration well and provide actionable advice, ultimately delivering top-tier results. Beyond their good results and high professionalism, Coalition Technologies is amicable and pleasant to work with. They feel like they’re part of our team. They frequently make suggestions that are outside of the project scope but are incredibly helpful. It’s reassuring to know that they check on the site and have a vested interest in it.


Colin T.
Digital Marketing Manager

featured reviews

The work has been hugely successful, with dramatic increases in both site traffic and revenue. The team works independently, provides bi-monthly updates, and are always aware of the latest trends in digital strategy. They put a lot of thought into the SEO strategies, and that knowledge is something we can’t replicate. They’re also really transparent. I’ve used other companies that claim everything’s proprietary, but Coalition gives us access to everything. They’re very reliable. I trust them completely, which is really nice. I haven’t been able to do that with other firms.


Doug R.

Our Integrated Approach

Technical Optimization

User experience is one of the most important ranking factors for Google and other search engines. Believe it or not, the technical aspects of your website contribute to that experience. Proper SEO for lawyers’ websites includes a thorough analysis of its technical health and addressing any issues that are found. The Coalition team always ensures that your website is in the best shape possible when it is crawled by search engines.

Technical Optimization

Content Creation

Well thought out content creation is a crucial part of any digital marketing strategy for law firms. Careless keyword usage is a thing of the past! It’s important for your website to have well-optimized, relevant content. Our strategists have years of industry experience and are dedicated to creating content for your website that entices both search engines and potential clients.

Content Creation

Link Building

In the vast world that is the internet, users often struggle to differentiate authoritative voices from spammy information. Search engines work overtime to increase rankings for websites that have established their authority in the industry. Our link building team specializes in creating the trust your website needs to be seen as a leader in your industry. Link building can often be tricky territory but Coalition Technologies ensures that it is done properly as a part of our SEO strategy for lawyers.

Link Building

Local Optimization

Especially in the case of law firms, it’s important for your website to be optimized for local search results. With a mixture of paid search advertising and SEO for lawyers and their firms, our team ensures that your website is reaching the audience that is most relevant to your business.

Local Optimization

Over 300+ Successful SEO Case Studies

Over 300+ Successful SEO
Case Studies

Affordable Pricing Options

Affordable Pricing

A Team of 200+ Specialists from Around the World

A Team of 200+ Specialists
from Around the World

Choosing to invest in search engine optimization or paid advertising for the first time is a bit of a leap. Our team understands how nerve-racking it can be. But, if you are truly dedicated to being a relevant competitor in today’s market, it’s a necessary step. Reach out to our team, either by phone or email, and allow us to show you what we can do for your business. No commitments or lengthy contracts, just a real conversation. We’re excited to help your business grow and know that you’ll be hooked as soon as you see those positive results come in! We can get you started immediately, so call us right now at (310) 827-3890.