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Have you ever seen the advertisements on social media websites? Have you noticed that they sometimes seem to be targeted toward you? This is a fairly common advertising practice. Advertisers will collect information about your online activity to tailor ads to your personality.

An example of this is using Google to search for tickets to a Blue Man Group concert and then logging onto Facebook and seeing that all of the advertisements on the side of the page are for the Blue Man Group.


Paid Advertising through social media has become a critical strategy in the online marketing industry. It presents unique opportunities for businesses to target different, specific demographics in the ways that appeal most to them.

This type of advertising is called interest-based advertising. Essentially, depending on a user’s privacy settings, social media sites will build profiles of each user designed to predict their interests. The profile is assembled with the user’s activity on the site. For instance, if someone “likes” a post about the election of a certain official, he or she may begin receiving advertisements from the political party of that official. Another example is if a user joins a certain group focused on car-shows, he or she may start seeing advertisements related from car part stores or dealerships.


A more direct type of advertising involves describing a certain target demographic and then studying that group’s behaviors in order to tailor the advertisements toward them. If you’re selling video games, you probably want to focus on a young adult male market and then study that demographic for what types of ads are most effective, as well as learn where that group is spending their online time. After that, you’ll begin creating your own advertisements which will be displayed in the most trafficked online locations for that particular demographic.


These are just two of many different paid advertising approaches, and it is important to keep in mind that each one has its own set of positives and negatives but our expert team will be able to select the solution that best matches your individual needs as a business. Our team’s familiarity with these different approaches allows us to provide a unique and powerful flexibility when attaining your goals.

Paid advertising through social media platforms can initially appear like a daunting and unfamiliar route for your business to take, but the team at Coalition Technologies has been able to forge creative campaigns that have yielded huge benefits to our clients.

Of course, if a particular marketing technique (like using paid advertisements on social media sites) isn’t in your business’s best interest, we will not try to push or upsell you. We measure our success off of your success as a company, and while some marketing tactics will work for one business, they might be detrimental to the growth of another. We have our eye on the long game and want to invest in your relationship with us. This stance is what makes the relationships we share with our clients so strong.

Social media has become a trendy buzzword, and a lot of SEO companies are trying to get in on the action by offering low-quality and lazy services that don’t give you the benefits you would expect from such high fees.

Coalition Technologies strives to ensure our clients get the attention they deserve, and their results deliver real, positive impacts upon their revenue and online profitability. Social media paid advertising has done a lot of great work for our clients, and it might be good fit for your business too.

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