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2018-12-13 19:22:10

BigCommerce Responsive Design & Development

Since the Internet’s conception, web design has experienced a variety of profound changes that have redefined its use. One of the current trends is responsive web design. As its name suggests, responsive web design focuses on creating a website that intuitively adjusts itself to simplify a visitor’s time on the site.

For instance, if a user is accessing the site on a mobile device, the webpage will adjust its sizing and features to be optimized for that specific device. This type of flexibility greatly improves the user experience and increases the odds of conversion, whether that means making a sale or getting a new lead for your service. One of the most common reasons people leave a site, without becoming a conversion, is because the site makes it difficult for them to do so. Initially, it may not seem all that important to have this sort of site-elasticity, but keep in mind, one of the biggest benefits of the Internet is its convenience. And if your site’s functionality is more of a hindrance than something that efficiently delivers the user’s objective, the user will simply locate another website.

People are fickle by nature and even more so when it comes to making a purchase online. It is important that your site is responsive to their needs and gives them a pleasurable experience. This is enough to turn clients into repeat clients.

The Bigcommerce platform is perfect for serving the needs of the average Internet user. But while Bigcommerce provides a solid framework for achieving this end, it does not do all of the work for you. In order to have a responsive web design, the site’s programming needs to be altered with serious design changes. Beyond the backend aspects of creating such a design, it will do you no good if there are no visitors to appreciate it.

Coalition Technologies has mastered the art of Bigcommerce responsive design. We’ve created responsive websites for many of our clients on the platform. We’re also highly skilled when it comes to creating a responsive web design that is also highly optimized for generating high traffic metrics for you.The techniques for quality SEO can vary between different devices. That is why Coalition Technologies conducts research and development for responsive design and SEO across a broad range of Internet accessible devices instead of just focusing on computers, like many other firms.


Bigcommerce has many different features that can be used for different devices. Coalition Technologies knows how to tailor each one to provide complementary and supplementary strategies and give your business the highest possible returns on your investment.

  • Create Your Store
  • Configure Your Products
  • Rank High In Search
  • Hosting & Security
  • APPS & Integrations
  • Design your Storefont
  • Marketing
  • Analytics
  • Expert Support
  • Highlight Reel
  • Manage Your Store
  • Conversion Tools

Don’t let your website lose its rankings and traffic, because it isn’t staying ahead of the latest web design trends. Allow Coalition Technologies to provide the support your site needs to stand out above its competition.

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