Case Studies

  • Allied Wallet

    This long-time client has witnessed impressive success as a result of our SEO and PPC campaigns.

  • Cashback Loans

    How did we help a direct lender in Southern California use its website to attract more quality customers? By implementing targeted SEO and PPC strategies, of course.

  • Amerinote Xchange

    This direct business and mortgage note buyer’s website was hit hard by Google’s Penguin update, and as a result their search engine results ranking plummeted. Read on to find out how we helped this client climb up in the search engine results again.


    This car title loan company wanted to geographically target the users signing up for loans and visiting their site. Read on to see how Coalition used SEO to bring in the exact customer base this lender was looking to attract to its site.

  • AH Capital

    Real estate investment does not typically make for an exciting digital experience. Coalition and AH Capital teamed up to change that.

  • Jameson Galey

    Want to learn the principles of accounting through an illustrated story book? Then Accounting Bootcamp is for you. Jameson wanted to create a fun, accessible way to learn accounting and now wants to share it with the online world. With a 90.91% increase in users to his site in four months, we’d say those are some pretty good numbers.

  • Financial Solutions of America

    With over 8 in 10 Americans in debt, Financial Solutions of America’s debt settlement services should be useful for a large swath of the American public. Our goal was to ensure that these debtors were able to find and contact FSOA through their website.

  • Keystone Funding

    This residential mortgage company provides services to Delaware and surrounding states. Their motto of “transparency, service, and trust” has earned them many distinctions in the finance world. They came to us for SEO work and were so happy with our results ended up signing a retainer with us. In just a few months, we increased their new site traffic 62.93%.

  • Peninsula General Insurance Agency

    This home and auto insurance company focuses on providing their customer with the top rates for Mercury insurance. They came to us to redesign their website and optimize it locally in Los Angeles County. Take a look at the website we built and the results we generated.

  • You Pawn

    This online pawn shop offers immediate quotes for their users’ items so that they can get the cash they need fast. You Pawn came to us for search engine optimization enhancements on their website. After only one month on the job, organic traffic increased by 23.09% and Google visits were up by 29.31%.

  • Empire Gold Buyers

    This second-generation gold buyer is not your average company. They pay top dollar for gold and are looking for more customers. Read how we helped them go for the gold… in terms of online marketing. Want to know how to get a 174% increase in organic traffic? Read on.

  • USDA Mortgage Group

    Coalition turned a side business into a lucrative company that reaches thousands of consumers monthly through prominent search rankings.

  • Altmann & Porter Insurance Agency Inc.

    This North Carolina insurance agency needed an SEO boost to help them rank in results.