Houzer supplies luxury kitchen sinks, faucets, and sink accessories. The client wanted a new website quickly with D2C capabilities, which would represent a new business strategy for the brand. The previous website primarily catered to their B2B customer group. The client had a short timeline and reached out to Coalition Technologies, an Elite BigCommerce partner to transform their website from a static, informational, WooCommerce website to a fully functional, modernized website. One of the client’s primary goals was to have a new website that would be able to scale up with traffic and accommodate their growing product offerings. They needed several integrations to be added without slowing the website’s speed. Additionally, to help build brand awareness, the client wanted an easy to use website capable of understanding customers’ journeys and conversion points.

See how Coalition was able to build and launch the new houzersink.com within six weeks and helped grow their revenue, ecommerce purchases, ecommerce conversion rates, and decrease their bounce rate with our suite of digital growth services.


The old houzersink.com was an outdated website. Houzer encountered several challenges related to its online presence. The website was built on WordPress, and had limited flexibility in integrating technology, and expanded functionality. The previous website had low session duration and high bounce rate. 

Houzer sold across multiple marketplaces and wanted to invest in the best technologies to grow its omnichannel segments. The new website’s capabilities should be able to syndicate Houzer’s products, allowing them to integrate with its current and new marketplaces. The client needed to easily manage its catalog of products. With a small team and limited resources, Houzer needed a solution that would allow the team to focus less on managing its channels and more on what matters most, growing the business.


Houzer, an enterprise merchant, needed a modern website. The previous website lacked an integrated omnichannel strategy. The brand’s products were sold on multiple marketplaces, including Amazon, Home Depot, Lowe’s, and Wayfair. The client needed a robust website that would seamlessly integrate its inventory, catalog, and orders across all channels thereby eliminating much of its manual and outdated processes. Additionally, the client needed its product catalog to be optimized to perform across all channels. The new platform should be fast and drive conversions and sales.

We made several edits to the theme selected by the client. We edited the theme to make the shopping cart visible at all times in the top-right-hand corner in mobile view. We also added a full-width search bar and updated the mobile view to allow users to swipe from left to open the menu, in addition to accessing it from the hamburger menu button.


We integrated Bazaarvoice. With this API platform, the client can obtain and leverage user-generated content to build brand loyalty and increase sales. Bazaarvoice also helps Houzer collect and publish customer feedback, post customer videos and photos highlighting their experiences with products, and allow their customers to ask and get answers to their questions.

We also integrated Buy with Prime to attract more customers, simplify the checkout process, and offer free and fast shipping and delivery. With Buy with Prime, the client can make strategic marketing decisions.

Zendesk, a cloud-based customer service software, was also integrated into the new website. This platform allows Houzer to improve customer service and support across all omnichannel segments.

In order to offer branded shipment tracking and post-purchase notifications, we installed AfterShip. This integration provides real time shipping and tracking notifications.

We also integrated the product and data feed management solution, Feedonomics, in order to list and optimize Houzer’s products on all its omnichannel segments. Feedonomics allows the client to manage and set its preferred inventory and pricing rules on each segment. Its automated order management system enables the client to view orders from all omnichannel segments from one dashboard.


Houzersink.com is a fast website that uses effective SEO and conversion rate optimization (CRO) practices to eliminate barriers to purchase and enhance user experience. We successfully migrated all products, customers, and orders to the new website. Our team implemented all 301, 403, and 404 redirects, and fixed all canonical tags and internal links issues on the website. We completed multiple copy batches for product, category, and subcategory pages, and blog posts for the client.

We also built several email automations for Houzer. Our PPC team launched several campaigns including Branded, NonBranded, Standard, PMax, Dynamic Search, and Facebook Ads. We also fixed all issues related to the suspension of Houzer’s Google Merchant Center (GMC) account. Several banners, reels, carousels, and other creatives were created for their paid campaigns.

Final Product


We completed a full website migration from an outdated legacy platform within six weeks. Six months after the new website was launched, purchases grew by 216% and revenue by 118% when compared to the second month after launch. Bounce rates at the end of the six-month post launch date decreased by 23%, and ecommerce conversion rate increased by 47% compared to two-month post launch data.



In purchases



In revenue



In bounce rates

At the time of launch, Houzer ranked for 6,691 keywords. Six months later, the brand ranked for 8,434 keywords. At the start of our campaign, there were 65 keywords for which the brand enjoyed top 3 ranking positions. Six months later, Houzer was in the top 3 position for 89 keywords. Within six months, we increased the keywords for which the brand enjoyed 4th to 10th ranking positions from 242 to 700. From no SERP features during launch, we were able to produce 302 SERP features/snippets.