Case Studies

  • CMC Motorsports

    CMC Motorsports, a subsidiary of Mercedes Benz, was launched in 2015 as the exclusive US distributor of BMW and Porsche Formula 1 racing parts, accessories, and general motorsports merchandise. They wanted us to design…

  • Inhaven

    Inhaven supplies furnishings, supplies, and other products to short-term hospitality and travel service providers. After discussions with several hospitality property owners and managers, the client wanted to solve the procurement challenges they were experiencing.

  • Giovanni Cosmetics

    This natural hair care line has a star-studded history with their beginnings in Hollywood and Beverly Hills in the 1970s. After 3 months with us, year over year organic traffic is up 85% and organic revenue is up 100% for $109k in monthly organic revenue.

  • Physica Energetics

    This homeopathic company offers natural and pure products to their customers. When you compare the last 6 months of our campaign to the previous 6 months, there has been a 22% increase in the number of transactions as well as a 17% increase in overall revenue.

  • Omnicharge

    This power solutions company offers portable charging solutions to professionals. After 8 months with us, Omnicharge has experienced a 155% increase in organic revenue and a 91% increase in overall revenue.

  • LiteBox Furniture

    This furniture brand restores and sells furniture to use the funds towards helping their community through art, providing for the homeless, and rescuing animals. After 5 months with us, monthly organic revenue was up 751% with overall revenue up 563%.

  • Jasper PIM

    This product management software company helps businesses manage their products and get them into the hands of consumers.

  • UCA Lingerie

    This international company is the leading lingerie company in the industry. After 2 months with us, UCA Lingerie’s organic sessions have increased by 98% month over month and overall revenue increased by 100%.

  • Forest Travel

    Forest Travel is an innovative luxury corporate travel management company that partners with leading industry travel vendors to provide expert-level consulting, priority wait listing, hotel savings, exclusive rental car programs, discounts on business class, and much more. They came to Coalition looking for improvements in their digital marketing efforts and we produced great results for them!

  • Green Gorilla

    This lifestyle brand was the first to offer customers certified organic CBD products. After 6 months of our SEO, PPC, Social Media, and Email Marketing services, Green Gorilla’s organic revenue increased by 74% while their overall traffic increased by 65%.

  • Solis Pain Relief System

    The Solis Pain Relief device was invented by a former aerospace engineer who suffered from Restless Leg Syndrome. It was so effective he decided to make the product available to everyone. After just 3 months with us, overall revenue has increased 104% month over month.

  • AH Capital

    Real estate investment does not typically make for an exciting digital experience. Coalition and AH Capital teamed up to change that.

  • Vapeur Terp

    This online terpene retailer offers strain-specific and pure terpenes in a variety of flavors and volumes. After two years working with Coalition Technologies, we increased Vapeur Terp’s organic traffic by 160% and decreased the bounce rate by 22%. Within the first seven months of the campaign we increased monthly revenue by 229.71%.

  • EVCigarettes

    Another exciting Coalition brand in the highly competitive e-cigarette marketplace.

  • Vitalyte

    This all natural sports drink provides athletes with the recovery they need. Their founder, Bill, had had enough of sugar and sodium-laced sports drinks, and decided to change the game. They now offer drinks, gels, and gears to make sure their athletes are covered. They came to us looking for ecommerce marketing, and within the first month, they saw a 787% increase in revenue.