LaserCap Company


LaserCap, a hair regrowth device for men and women, contacted us to help grow their brand awareness for their hair loss cap and accessories using our suite of marketing services. The client also wanted to condense their current website into a robust WordPress website. See how we designed and developed a new WordPress website, successfully migrated their customer and product data, and helped grow organic sessions, traffic, and revenue for LaserCap.


LaserCap, one of the few United States Food and Drug Administration (FDA)-cleared prescription-strength laser therapies for hair regrowth, was created by a team of health and research practitioners in 2006 for home use. Three years later, LaserCap became the bestselling hair loss cap in the United States. The client wanted to increase brand awareness and stand above the competition. Their existing store was on Shopify, WooCommerce, and Laravel. They wanted to condense their website and transition to a WooCommerce-only platform. There were multiple plugins installed that were outdated or were not being used, which impacted the website’s performance. In addition to a fast WordPress ecommerce website, the client wanted to improve traffic, engagement, conversion rates, revenue, and return on investment (ROI).


Web Design and Development

The client wanted the new website to have a similar appearance and functionalities as their Shopify website. Our team developed new product, category, and home pages. We installed and customized the YITH Woocommerce Compare plugin to help users compare products featured on the website. We integrated Salesforce, a customer relationship management software application, to allow the users to create accounts and assist the brand with their marketing automations and analytics.

The brand wanted to have multiple payment options available to their customers. In addition to PayPal and credit card payment

options, we installed the Buy Now Pay Later (BNPL) option, Affirm. With this option, qualified purchasers are able to split their purchases into multiple payments.

On the previous website, there were several calls to action (CTAs) buttons that were incorrectly placed or redirected. We updated the Get Started call to action button to go directly to the compare page. The previous website was missing several policy pages, so we added the Accessibility, Terms of Use, Returns and Exchanges, Privacy, and Product Warranty pages, and added links to them in the footer.

Product Page

The client wanted to maintain the design of the product pages, so our team developed new product pages using the existing brand guide. We installed the updated Woocommerce plugin to allow the client to be able to manage their products directly from the WordPress admin panel.

Product pages include product details, warranty details, product disclaimers, and a get started CTA button. Users who select the

get started button are taken to the questionnaire page, a new page our team added. From the product page, shoppers can view product content on how to use each device and how each device works. We also created a Replacement Parts & Accessories category page for all the brand’s products that are not caps. We showed the client how to add new products, photo gallery, and zoom feature options, as well as how to edit prices and product content.


Client requested that we review all the plugins that were currently or previously installed. Our audit identified all active active and inactive plugins and their functions. After discussing these with the client, we deactivated plugins which were not currently used but which the client wanted to keep, removed the plugins that were outdated or no longer used, and updated existing plugins with newer versions.

Checkout Page

The client wanted a simple and user-friendly checkout page. Shoppers have the option at checkout to create an account or use the guest checkout option. For shoppers who wish to create an account, an account creation popup appears after clicking the create an account button. Once the account has been created, the popup disappears and the user can continue shopping. We also added multiple shipping options to accommodate worldwide shipping. Shoppers are now able to quickly complete the checkout process in a few clicks.

Customer Questionnaire Form

The client wanted an updated customer questionnaire form so we added additional customer fields and a popup notification. Both registered and non-registered users can complete the questionnaire. Upon completing the questionnaire, users are directed to the compare page where recommended products are shown, and are emailed a copy of the completed questionnaire. The form is also easily accessible from the website’s footer.

Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

Our team reviewed and optimized the brand’s existing Google Business Profile (GBP) we added a profile image, a new business logo created by our design team, a correctly sized cover image, and products. We included a Questions & Answers section, as well as several posts and product images. Our team also enabled the chat message functionality on the GBP profile to allow our client to respond directly to users’ messages or queries.

After reviewing the brand’s and industry’s keywords, we assessed keywords rankings positions and implemented strategies to improve search engine results pages (SERP) performance. Our team wrote optimized copy, added clickable contact information, and added updated Google Tag Manager (GTM) code on the website’s pages.

Pay Per Click (PPC)

LaserCap aimed to improve online visibility, attract qualified leads, and ultimately increase sales. However, their previous digital marketing efforts were falling short of delivering the desired results, prompting the need for a strategic approach to campaign management. We conducted extensive market research to gain insights into LaserCap’s target audience, competitors, and market trends. With this, we devised a comprehensive campaign management strategy tailored to LaserCap’s goals and target audience.

Leveraging on advanced targeting capabilities, our team designed a campaign focused on reaching potential customers actively searching for hair regrowth solutions online. Our PPC team crafted engaging ad creatives and compelling messaging, as well as monitored and optimized search, shopping, and PMax campaigns.

Email Marketing

The client wanted to leverage emails to re-engage website visitors who left the website without completing a purchase. Our team created several key re-engagement flows to nurture these visitors based on when they left. Among these were:

  • Abandoned Cart Series: Designed to re-engage visitors who added items to their cart but left the site without completing the purchase.
  • Browse Abandonment Series: Crafted to re-engage visitors who viewed a product but did not add it to their cart.
  • Winback Series: Developed to nurture subscribers who have never made a purchase and visited the site in the past 90 days.

We also implemented essential email flows to foster strong relationships with contacts, including:

  • Welcome Series: Providing a warm introduction to new subscribers.
  • Post-Purchase Series: Expressing gratitude to customers for their purchase.
  • Review Request Flow: Collecting valuable customer feedback.

Our team worked on several email templates using the brand’s guidelines and industry best practices. Each email template was optimized for readability and responsiveness, ensuring seamless display across all devices and mailbox providers. Strong CTAs were placed in strategic locations to encourage recipients to respond, while maintaining a balance between text and images.

To convert website visitors into subscribers, we created a visually appealing pop-up that appears when a new user lands on the website. The messaging is specifically tailored to LaserCap’s audience to drive conversion.


The client was so satisfied with the capabilities and functionalities of the new website, and the timely execution of the project milestones, that they retained us for site maintenance and web development services.

Final Product


One month after the site launch, users, sessions, conversions, and total revenue increased. Bounce rates improved. Within the first four months of the site launch, we helped increase the number of referring high quality domains. Our PPC efforts saw returns on ad spend growing by more than 285.5% during the first quarter after launch. Search campaigns returned an ROAS of 1,106%, and there were increases in impressions and interactions. Our efforts helped improve LaserCap’s online visibility, engagement with its target audience, and conversions, resulting in a substantial return on ad spend.

Notably, in the past year, email-attributed conversions have skyrocketed by an astounding 355.99%, highlighting the effectiveness of our strategies.


Ad Spend Returns


Email Conversions