Case Studies

  • Exquisite Dentistry

    Exquisite Dentistry is a cosmetic dental spa based in West Hollywood, CA. Customers can enjoy high-quality dental services while enjoying a spa-like experience in this prominent Los Angeles dentist office. The brand’s dentists utilize a holistic approach to customers’ oral…

  • RX Sleeve

    This company offers customizable erectile dysfunction sleeves to help restore intimacy to couples. After just 9 months with us, they experienced a 255% increase in yearly organic revenue, growing from $40k a year to $143k per year. Over the past 2 years working on their PPC campaigns, their ROAS has increased from 2.6 to 7.34.

  • DRG Definitive Dental

    Definitive Dental located in Grand Prairie, Texas provides its patients with the latest in dental care services. The client contacted Coalition to promote the services offered, grow their website traffic and goal completions, and improve their keyword ranking positions. Coalition Technologies is a top digital marketing agency that…

  • 1Heart Franchise

    1Heart Franchise sought Coalition’s expertise in developing a robust, lead-generating website that will build brand awareness, improve conversion rates, have a user-friendly layout, and streamline the brand’s content.See how we designed, developed, and launched a responsive WordPress website as well as helped grow 1Heart’s organic traffic and click through rates.

  • Children’s Sedation Dentist

    This children’s dentist has multiple locations in the Las Vegas area. Their first practice opened in 2010 and offers their patients the option of sedation. They approached us looking to expand their online dental presence. Compared to the previous year, their organic traffic increased by 415.5%.

  • Salameh Plastic Surgery

    This surgery center offers tummy tucks, liposuction, and breast augmentation. They do all of their consultations, surgeries, and post-ops in house. They are known for their natural work and results. After 2 years with us, organic revenue has increased by 1,577% compared to last year.

  • Tooth Fairy Pediatric Dental

    This dental care provider specializes in children’s dentistry in northern Nevada. Compared to last year, organic traffic has increased by 1216% with overall traffic increasing by 943%.

  • Pearl Recovery Retreat

    This LA-based concierge retreat offers their clientele the most comfortable and luxurious surgery recovery experience possible. After just 4 months with us, year over year organic traffic is up by 77% with an 81% increase in organic new users.

  • Alondra Dental Care

    This dental office is located in Norwalk, CA and offers preventative, restorative, and cosmetic services. Compared to last month, Alondra Dental Care’s organic traffic has increased by 43% with goal completions up by 60%.

  • Coast Medical Service

    This nurse staffing business has been around for 40 years and has worked with over a thousand nurses. They came to us to design a website and generate traffic to improve the quality of their leads. Having worked with us for over a year, Coast Medical saw a 231% increase in organic job submissions and a 138% increase in organic traffic to the site year over year.

  • Erik Anderson Counseling and Therapy

    This Licensed Marriage and Family Therapist serves the West LA area. He uses feedback-informed treatment to meet clients where they are at and works with them towards their desired outcome. After 5 months of working with us, Erik’s site experienced an organic traffic increase of 200% and overall sessions increased by 112%.

  • Medisys Health Network

    These two community hospitals (Jamaica and Flushing) are known for their high-quality patient-centered care. Month over month, organic traffic is up 48%. Organic new users have also increased by 51%.

  • Solis Pain Relief System

    The Solis Pain Relief device was invented by a former aerospace engineer who suffered from Restless Leg Syndrome. It was so effective he decided to make the product available to everyone. After just 3 months with us, overall revenue has increased 104% month over month.

  • Miami Hypnosis

    Combining hypnotherapy with physchotherapy, this therapy business looks to give their clients the tools to change how they think about themselves and improve their lives. After less than a year with us, monthly organic traffic is up 85%.

  • NuLife Medical

    This medical supplies and equipment business offers personalized products for their customers with a focus on compression garments and post-surgical garments. They are based in Orange County, but also sell products online. Year over year data shows organic revenue up by 220% and overall traffic has increased by 544%.